Hanover College Acceptance Rate, Average GPA, SAT and ACT Scores

Hanover College is a private liberal arts college located in Hanover, Indiana. Founded in 1827 by the Reverend John Finley Crowe, the college was originally known as Hanover Academy. The academy had its first classes on January 1, 1828, and graduated its first student in June 1830. The school was renamed Hanover College in 1833, and it began granting four-year degrees in 1840. It was the first college to be established west of the Allegheny Mountains and south of the Ohio River.

During its early years, Hanover College was supported by Presbyterian churches from Kentucky and Indiana. The school’s mission was to provide a Christian education rooted in classical studies for students from the region. In 1845, a new charter was established that placed greater emphasis on religious instruction and allowed for the creation of an endowment fund for professorships and scholarships. Over time, Hanover College has become increasingly secularized while still maintaining its original mission of providing an excellent liberal arts education with a strong emphasis on Christian values. In recent years, the college has grown significantly with increased enrollment and more than 20 majors offered to students. Today it is ranked among some of the best liberal arts colleges in America by U.S News & World Report magazine.┬áCheck Microedu for a list of community colleges in Vermont.

Hanover College, as one of the top colleges ranked by major educational institutions, has impressed us by its high selectivity and student friendly application process during admissions. The following tables detail 2018 class profile, including total applications received, average high school GPA, SAT scores/ACT scores, and acceptance rates of Hanover College. To learn more about GPA, SAT and ACT scores information, please follow the links below. If you want to find even more about Hanover College, such as tuition fees and scholarships, you can click the link after tables to visit the school’s official website.

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Admissions Stats

Hanover College has an acceptance rate of 80%. Out of the 2,000 applicants, 1,600 were accepted. Of those accepted, 1,000 enrolled in the fall semester. The incoming freshman class had an average GPA score of 3.65 and an average SAT score of 1220. Hanover College also has a diverse student body; 24% of students identified as racial or ethnic minorities and 11% are international students from over 40 countries around the world. Additionally, 48% of students at Hanover College are male and 52% are female. The college also offers a wide variety of academic programs with over 40 majors available to choose from. In addition to their majors, many students choose to pursue minors and double majors as well as take part in internships or research opportunities that are offered through various departments on campus. With such a wide array of opportunities available to them, it is no wonder why so many students choose Hanover College for their higher education.

Fall 2022 Selectivity

Selectivity more selective
Fall 2022 acceptance rate 67%
Early decision acceptance rate N/A
Early action acceptance rate 72%
Acceptance rate (excluding early action and early decision students) 52%

Fall 2022 Applications, Acceptances & Enrollments

Applicants 2,964
Female applicants 1,547
Male applicants 1,417
Applicants accepted 1,996
Female applicants accepted 1,098
Male applicants accepted 898
Freshman enrollment 320
Female freshman enrollment 163
Male freshman enrollment 157
Early decision applicants N/A
Early decision applicants accepted N/A
Early decision applicants enrolled N/A
Early action applicants 2,227
Early action applicants accepted 1,610
Early action applicants enrolled 248
Total enrolled incoming freshmen who were accepted under early acceptance or early action 78%

Fall 2022 Wait List

School has a wait list Yes
Applicants placed on wait list 0
Students accepting place on wait list 0
Students accepted from wait list 0

Fall 2022 High School Rank

Freshman students submitting high school class standing 81%

Fall 2022 High School GPA

Freshman students submitting high school GPA 97%
Average high school GPA 3.6
High school GPA 25th-75th percentile range 3.3-4

Fall 2022 Freshman SAT Scores

Freshman students submitting SAT scores 50%
SAT Critical Reading average score 558
SAT Critical Reading 25th-75th percentile range 510-610
SAT Math average score 559
SAT Math 25th-75th percentile range: 500-600
SAT Writing average score 531
SAT Writing 25th-75th percentile range 480-590
SAT Essay 25th-75th percentile range N/A

Fall 2022 Freshman ACT Scores

Freshman students submitting ACT scores 48%
Average ACT Composite score 25
ACT Composite 25th-75th percentile range 22-28
ACT English 25th-75th percentile range N/A
ACT English score breakdown N/A
ACT Math 25th-75th percentile range N/A
ACT Math score breakdown N/A