Hagatna, Guam

Hagatna, Guam Travel Information

According to hyperrestaurant, Hagatna – the administrative center of the island of Guam with a population of 1,100 people, is located on a narrow isthmus between the Philippine Sea (Hagatna Bay) and the Pacific Ocean (Pago Bay). The history of the city began in 1668, when the Spaniards built a city on the site of a small village – the administrative center of the new colony. Now Hagatna is a small tourist paradise for connoisseurs and connoisseurs, where the exotic nature of the surroundings is combined with a developed tourist service, mysterious historical artifacts, sunny beaches and views of the ocean.

Hagatna has long been appreciated by inquisitive Japanese tourists, who make up the vast majority of city guests. See baglib for history of Oceania.

How to get to Hagatna

You can get to Hagatna by air. China Airlines, Korean Air, All Nippon Airways and other airlines from Southeast Asia fly to AB Won Pat International Airport, which is the “gateway to Micronesia”.


The best choice of transport if you plan to travel around the area is by car. You can rent a car at the airport from Hertz (tel. 646 5875), Budget (tel. 647 1446), Avis (tel. 646 8156), Toyota (tel. 642 3200), National (tel. 649 0110) and Nissan (tel. 632 7300). If you rent a car, then keep in mind that the roads are very slippery in rainy weather, and on any day there is a high probability of getting stuck in a traffic jam.

You can take the municipal bus to Tumon, Tamaning, Micronesia Mall and the University of Guam. The cost of the trip is 1-3 USD. Unfortunately, buses run quite infrequently and only from Monday to Saturday.

Hiking is possible only within the city, since there are no sidewalks along the roads in the vicinity, and drivers like to get drunk.

Hagatna Hotels

Not far from the city in the coastal region of Tumon (about 6-10 kilometers from Hagatna) you can stay in a variety of hotels of different classes. So Pacific Bay Hotel offers rooms from 45 USD, and Tumon Bay Capital Hotel – from 55 USD, prices at Grand Plaza Hotel start from 60 USD.

Holiday Resort Guam offers rooms from 100 USD. In higher-class hotels Hyatt Regency Guam and Outrigger Guam Resort, the minimum room rate will be 250-300 USD.


In Hagatne, you can try many dishes of national cuisine. The main decoration of the table is fresh lobsters, octopuses, meat baked with vegetables and fruits. We advise you to try shrimp patties, pancit noodles, chicken cooked in coconut milk, as well as chicken fried in hot peppers and coconut flakes.

The city has many restaurants offering Japanese, Korean, Thai Vietnamese and Chinese menus. Fans of culinary classics can visit Italian and American restaurants.


Shops and malls are scattered throughout the town. The highest concentration of stores is found in the Agana Shopping Center and Agana Theaters. We advise you to visit the Chamorro Village shopping area, where you can not only buy souvenirs, products of local artisans, but also have a great lunch in many small restaurants (average bill 6-9 USD) and, thus, “get involved” in the local lifestyle.

Entertainment and attractions of Hagatna

The Guam Museum offers tourists an extensive collection of exhibits on the history, ethnography and geography of Guam. In the central part of the city you will find the ruins of the governor’s palace dating back to 1736, a smaller copy of the statue of Liberty, a statue of Pope John Paul II.

The snow-white cathedral Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica is located on the site of a church built in 1669, around which Hagatna was originally formed.

In 1981, the Pope held a mass in Hagatne.

In the southern part of the city there is Latte Stone Park, on the territory of which about 500 mysterious stone monoliths are randomly scattered: either the remains of ancient settlements of the islanders, or objects of religious worship.

The pedestrian zone Plaza connects the port of Hagatna with the central square of the city. The largest shopping complex on the island, San Ramon, is located here.

In the western part of the city you will find the old Santa Agueda Fort, from which the tunnels stretch into the Makahana mountain, gradually turning into a labyrinth of karst caves. On the slope of the mountain there is a memorial park dedicated to the events of the Second World War (during which the city was almost completely destroyed).

Hagatna, Guam