Guam Entry Requirements

Guam Entry Requirements

Passport and visa regulations


Passport required visa required Return ticket required
Austria Yes no Yes
Switzerland Yes no Yes
Other EU countries Yes 1 Yes
Turkey Yes Yes Yes
Germany Yes no Yes

Passport information

Generally required, must be machine-readable and valid throughout the stay.

Visa information

Under the US Visa Waiver Program, nationals of the following countries listed in the table above do not require a visa for a stay of up to 90 days as long as they have an e-passport, hold an ESTA and submit API data in a timely and accurate manner have: Switzerland and EU countries ([1] Exceptions: Citizens of Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Romania and Cyprus are required to have a visa). ESTA: As in the USA, a fee-based electronic entry permit (“Electronic System for Travel Authorization” – ESTA) is required to enter Guam without a visa. This must be obtained at least 72 hours before the intended entry on the official website In addition, there is the Guam Visa Waiver Program. Further information on entering Guam can be obtained from the US consular missions (see contact addresses).

Note on the visa

Entry regulations like USA.

  • Ehuzhou: Offers ultimate guide to duty-free shopping in Guam. Also includes import and export regulations, as well as embassy and telecommunication information about this country.


Different if visa is required, depending on nationality.

Visa types and costs

Non-immigrant (for holiday or business trips).


Citizens of all non-visa-exempt countries require a transit visa. Personally or by mail 6-8 weeks before departure at the consulate or at the consular department of the embassy (contact addresses see USA).

Application required

The documents required to apply for a visa for Guam can be requested from the responsible US American consulate about 6-8 weeks before the planned departure.

Processing time

To be requested when applying.

Proof of sufficient funds

All foreigners must have sufficient funds.

Entry with children

Germans: Visa-free only with your own passport. Austrians: Own passport. Swiss: Own passport. Turks: Own passport. Note: The same visa requirements apply to children as to their parents. Since June 27, 2012, children need their own travel document (passport / children’s passport) for trips abroad (also within the EU). Entries of children in the parental passport are no longer possible.

Guam Entry Requirements