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Griffith University – Brisbane (2)

I chose Griffith University for my semester abroad. I did a student exchange on the Gold Coast back in 2010, so I was able to draw on the experiences of my Australian friends who recommended Griffith University to me. Griffith University has a total of five different locations from the Gold Coast to Brisbane. Because of my choice of course, I chose the Griffith Nathan Campus. The campus is very large with many different buildings and caf├ęs, stationery shops and dining options, but is still surrounded by greenery.

Before applying, I had counseling sessions with MicroEDU and Ms. Lambert, Griffith University’s Study Abroad Coordinator. Here I was able to clarify all outstanding questions and me an overview of the incurred costs procure; especially the brochures were very informative. The application at the college itself was very easy as it was run through MicroEDU. MicroEDU has compiled a list of documents that are necessary for the application, which MicroEDU will review after all documents have been compiled and forwarded to the university. Before the semester abroad started, I also received a list with the contact details of all students from Germany who would study with me at Griffith University at the same time.

After receiving the preliminary approval, the tuition fees must be paid in order to receive the official approval, which in turn is required for the application for the visa. Applying for a visa is very easy and quick, and all documents are received within 48 hours. The student visa is very expensive but necessary.

After receiving the confirmation from the university, you should book the flight as soon as possible, because the earlier you book, the cheaper it is. If you also book through STA Travel, you get a discount as a student. When booking, you should also pay attention to which airline you are flying with and how much luggage you are allowed to take with you.

I lived with friends in Australia so I didn’t have to worry about accommodation. However, I have heard from other exchange students that many did not look for accommodation until they arrived in Australia. Smaller groups often formed and rented an apartment together. The other options are student residences directly on campus or through organizations to come to a host family. Any accommodation can cost at least AUD 145 per week.

  • Australia is a major country in Oceania continent. For information about Oceania, please visit pharmacylib.

Depending on the location of the accommodation, you can go to the university by bus or by car. With the help of the TTCC Card you can get a GOCard cheaply, with which all public transport can be paid for. I rented a car with a friend, which was very practical as you are more flexible and can go on excursions at the weekend, for example to the Gold Coast. To rent a car, you just have to be over 21 years old and have an international driver’s license. I also got a SIM card from amaysim in Australia. For around $ 20 a month I had 500MB free and could make calls and text messages worth $ 20. Amaysim belongs to Optus and has a very good reception.

There are orientation weeks to get to know Griffith University. Here you will find all further information about your course of study and how communication works on your own intranet. It is important that you have Internet access in your accommodation, as many things are handled via the intranet, such as submitting homework or homework.

The orientation trip to Byron-Bay is a good way to meet other international students. The trip is highly recommended because it offers many activities and you can make first contacts, and that for little money.

The lessons at the university are divided into lecture and tutorials, that is, you first have a lecture and then the tutorial where the subject matter is worked through with the help of tasks. In contrast to Germany, you only have a few lessons, but the workload after university is much greater than in Germany, this should not be underestimated. If you miss a lecture you can download it from the intranet, as all lectures are filmed or recorded. However, if you are absent from a tutorial you should have a doctor’s certificate, as participation is mandatory.

The final grade is made up of several partial grades. Most courses require up to four term papers to be written and there is often a final exam at the end of the semester.

During your studies you have a week off, spring break, which is ideal for traveling. I found Airlie Beach particularly beautiful, where I went on a sailing tour to White Heaven Beach (the most beautiful beach in the world) and Fraser Island. Since domestic flights are relatively cheap, you can also fly to Sydney or Melbourne for a weekend. The Nathan Campus has a travel agency from STA Travel who can make all bookings for you and are happy to advise you and present you with good offers. Australia offers breathtaking landscapes and sights that are definitely not to be missed.

I will never forget my time in Australia. The university was very exhausting, but I also learned a lot and would do it again and again. I found the people in Australia to be very open and friendly and of course the weather was also very nice. In July it was still relatively cool, but it got very warm by the end of November.

Orientation - Griffith University