Griffith University Coronavirus

Griffith University – Brisbane (12)

At my university I had the opportunity to take part in a semester abroad and I chose Australia because, in my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful countries. After I received my confirmation that I would be able to take part in the semester abroad, I was referred to MicroEDU by my international coordinators. At first I was a little skeptical that everything should supposedly be so easy, since my first stay in Australia was difficult in terms of application. However, this skepticism was removed very quickly, and I was more than surprised at how quickly and courteously MicroEDU handled the whole situation. For every question (however stupid it sometimes seemed to me) an advisor was available and I usually had an answer within 48 hours. The application was amazingly quick and I received help with both my visa and my choice of subjects at Griffith University. I don’t know if everything would go as smoothly if I had flown to Australia without an organization.

In Australia itself, I lived in a student resort near the university. I can only advise against this because of the incompetent administration there.

Griffith University’s huge campus

Griffith University impressed me personally with its size. Personally, I come from a small private university and was therefore overwhelmed by the sheer size of the campus (personal tip: one day before the start of the semester to the university to find the right buildings, as these were numbered without any logic). I really enjoyed my first day at university or my first week, which starts a week before the start of the actual semester for international students. This not only introduces the university and university life, but also the surrounding area, although I was already familiar with it from my previous visit. After completing the first week, it was time to take part in everyday university life. I only had to take four different subjects which made a big difference to Germany because I have ten subjects there.

My university days were Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, which made it possible for me to keep up a rich leisure program in addition to the university. The subjects I was able to choose myself were: Government-Business Relations, Austraila, Asia and the Asian-Pacific, Management Concepts and Money, Banking and Finance. There was a tutorial for each subject, which had to be attended. In general about university printing, it can be said that life in Australia is much more relaxed, but you always have to do something for the university. In each subject there were presentations, term papers and exams, which meant that you were constantly busy. In terms of content, I found the material a bit simpler and the professors as more relaxed as usual.

  • Australia is a major country in Oceania continent. For information about Oceania, please visit topb2bwebsites.

Through Australia by car

During the semester, due to the few days at university, I also had time to travel and have made both smaller trips to the Sunshine Coast or Byron Bay, and larger trips to Cairns. After the end of my semester abroad, I even managed to spend ten days in Fiji. I was amazed at so much free time, but I’m not complaining at all. I think if you ever make it to Australia, then you want to see something of the country too.

Briefly something about my immediate surroundings. I lived in Upper Mounr Gravatt, a suburb of Brisbane and was only about 5 minutes drive from the university. I bought a car in Australia and then sold it again because, in my opinion, Australia cannot be traveled without a car. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Brisbane, but I have to say that I spent all of my free time south on the Gold Coast.

I can advise everyone to do a semester abroad at Griffith Uni and get support from MicroEDU. I was pleasantly surprised and would do it again anytime, but maybe I would pay a little more attention to where I will live in the end.

Griffith University Coronavirus