Griffith College Dublin Review (6)

Griffith College Dublin Review (6)

University: Griffith College Dublin

City: Dublin

Country: Ireland

Continent: Europe

Field of study: law

Study type: semester abroad


There really isn’t much to say about the application process: If you’re planning your semester abroad with MicroEdu, you don’t need to worry about this. The MicroEdu team always provided me with all the important documents in good time and answered all of my questions immediately.┬áCheck to see Riga Stradins University study abroad opportunities.

When it comes to things that depend on the GCD, you should be patient and don’t panic if you don’t get an answer or confirmation right away, that’s the way it is in Ireland.
Especially with regard to the choice of course, everything is only clarified on site and in great detail, for two weeks.

I took various law subjects from the first and second year and I have to say that the demands in the subjects from the higher semesters are definitely on par with those of German universities. I would therefore recommend everyone not to take more than four (law) subjects, provided that you have other plans for your semester abroad.

What you have to get used to is the constant writing down of the cases in the lecture and the fact that you should know them all by heart in the end. It is therefore advisable to attend the lectures.
Homework is required in almost every subject, which can be either a case solution or an essay. However, you get a week off to write this term paper.

The lecturers are competent and speak very clear English, and you can always ask questions about the lecture or the homework.

Life on campus:

I lived in the dormitory on campus and was actually quite happy with it. Of course it’s not easy to share a room with another person, but there are a few alternatives.

One of the alternatives is the library. It’s not the biggest, but it’s adequate most of the time. As for the choice of legal books, I couldn’t complain, whether for study or for homework, there was always plenty of material.
In addition, the library staff is very friendly and helpful.


There is a savings shop directly opposite the GCD, but it is extremely expensive. There is an Aldi and a Lidl near the GCD within walking distance. In the accommodation office there is a map on which both shops are marked, but you can also ask the people at the accommodation office yourself at any time.
Of course there is also an Aldi and Lidl in the city center, as well as other shops such as Dunnes, which is of course easier because you can take the bus back and forth and don’t have to walk so far.

If you don’t always want to cook, you can also eat in the campus canteen. I found the canteen to be pretty good, with a good selection of hot dishes and salads. Of course, like everything in Dublin, it is a bit more expensive than the average canteen, but you get large portions.

The town:

Dublin is a great city, you can walk into the city from the college and it’s right on the shopping mile, or right in the middle of Temple Bar. That’s one of the great things about Dublin, you can walk to everything. If you don’t feel like walking at night and there is no bus, you can get a taxi within 2 seconds.

You won’t have any problem going out in Dublin, there are hundreds of pubs and all have live music at different times. So that you can settle in well at the beginning and quickly find people to go out with, an employee of the Students’ Union takes you to a pub on the first evening and then to a club. Throughout the semester, parties are organized in clubs or on campus, with extra student prizes. These parties are also specially designed to allow international students to get to know each other better and thus form multicultural groups.

Getting to know people is no problem at all, at the latest in the 2 weeks of introduction you get to know so many people that you are only busy learning names.

The Irish themselves are a very special people and you first have to get used to their way (especially when organizing) and their culture, but you also have to say that the Irish are a very friendly and helpful people and that relates to them not just the people on campus. In the end you fell in love with her so much that you didn’t want to go home.

I can definitely recommend a semester abroad through MicroEdu in Dublin at the GCD. It was a wonderful time and I wish I could have stayed longer.

Griffith College Dublin Review (6)