Griffith College Dublin Review (5)

Griffith College Dublin Review (5)

University: Griffith College Dublin

City: Dublin

Country: Ireland

Continent: Europe

Field of study: media, journalism

Study type: semester abroad

I came across the organization MicroEdu through a fellow student and, like you, looked around the website and collected information about the process. During the research, I noticed how extensively the support is described via MicroEdu and I decided to go straight away. The application process is really super easy and is completely taken care of by MicroEdu. Check to see Griffith College Dublin study abroad opportunities.

As soon as you have decided on a country and the right university/college, you request the documents, are assigned a supervisor and receive all the necessary information and application documents. And the good thing is that MicroEdu also goes through these documents with you step by step or sends you an explanation sheet – every importance is really pointed out. You send the completed documents back to your supervisor and they will forward it to the university of your choice. No matter what question I had – a phone call or an email and I had an answer immediately.

For Dublin, where I spent my semester abroad, there was a separate Facebook group in which contacts were made with others in the organization before I left. This group was led by a MicroEdu employee, in which regular posts (events, tips for trips, etc.) were also posted.

Six students from my course had applied to Griffith College in Dublin and we were concerned that not all of us could be accepted. However, our concerns were completely unfounded as MicroEdu was able to enroll us all and a room on campus (if desired) was also guaranteed.

Before my stay abroad, I received a provisional list of courses so that I could choose my courses in advance and have them confirmed by my home university. After a college introductory week and getting to know each other, the studies in Dublin finally started and – contrary to my fears – you quickly settled in and got used to the Irish teaching system. Both the teachers and the students or employees were always nice and helpful to us exchange students. It was definitely noticeable that Griffith College teaches many nationalities and is well equipped for it. We were treated just like the local students – there was no “stereotype thinking” or discrimination.

The International Office was always available to us as a contact and made sure that the exchange students could take the courses they wanted and needed.

During the semester abroad, email contact was maintained with the MicroEdu employee and we were asked about our well-being. In addition, regular emails were sent out about what’s still great to see in Dublin or Ireland – no ads and no spam!

Luckily I didn’t have any problems during my stay abroad, so I had to seek help from my supervisor. But I am sure that if I had a problem or needed support, I would have received help immediately.

During my studies I had enough time to explore Ireland’s beautiful natureto discover. Due to the manageable size of the island, I was able to go on day trips in every direction and visit the sights. The bus trips are reasonably priced and most companies offer student discounts. Overall there are plenty of student discounts in Ireland and even if there isn’t a sign on the shop it’s definitely worth asking about a ‘student discount’. Otherwise, life in Ireland is relatively expensive, which is mainly reflected in drugstore products. It is therefore best to take the most important drugstore products with you from Germany or have them brought by German visitors. Speaking of German: Aldi and Lidl are also available as (cheap) shopping facilities ;).

Those who rented a room or apartment themselves during the semester and were looking for a new tenant could also contact MicroEdu and, with their consent, the contact details were forwarded to new, potential Dublin students. As already mentioned, I lived on campus, which was also possible with the help of my supervisor.

Looking back I can truly say that I have no regrets about my choice and would use MicroEdu’s service anytime. The complete support before, during and after my stay in Dublin is completely free of charge and does not involve any obligations. On the contrary – for many courses or departments, special MicroEdu scholarships are offered before the stay abroad, for which you can apply with a creative application.

So, let’s go! Dare and dare the adventure of living abroad with the help of MicroEdu – you will certainly not regret it : ).

Griffith College Dublin Review (5)