Griffith College Dublin Review (3)

Griffith College Dublin Review (3)

University: Griffith College Dublin

City: Dublin

Country: Ireland

Continent: Europe

Field of study: International Business Administration

Study type: semester abroad

I started planning my semester abroad about 6 months before the start of the semester. The entire application process via MicroEdu went smoothly, very quickly and easily. After I had filled out and sent off all the documents, the acceptance letter came after 2 weeks. So nothing stood in the way of the semester abroad. I still had to make arrangements with my professors in Germany regarding crediting and have my Learning Agreement signed. It works differently at every university, but it can also be easily done as a freemover. Check to see Fudan University study abroad opportunities.

I’ve been trying to find accommodation from Germany to find in Dublin, this turned out to be very difficult. In hindsight, I wouldn’t try again. The Irish want to get to know you and rooms are rented out from now on. The online advertisements are often only online for 1-3 days and 30-100 people apply. I stood in 20m long queues for some viewings. All applicants were students and all had the same problem with finding accommodation. I had booked my hostel (Generator Hostel) for 1 week and found an affordable room on the penultimate day. I had 3-4 viewings every day and was willing to pay 700-900 euros for my room. The offer is already available, but many rooms/apartments are a bit run down and still very expensive. You need luck and should make a good impression during the first conversations with the current tenants. In my opinion, fluency in English is the main selection criterion.

The city of Dublin offers something for everyone. I can only say positive things about the leisure facilities and the city itself. The residents are very open and super friendly. You really have something to do every day and you get to know people from all over the world very quickly. Day trips are possible in the city but also across the entire island. There are bus tours around every corner and it’s cheap (15 euros) to get to the west coast. You can also use the DART train to visit and walk in small towns north and south. The landscape is just as you know it from the advertisements or pictures, just incredible. Dublin’s nightlife is hard to beat.There are hundreds of bars and a club for every taste. You can go out every day, the Irish, but also the international residents of Dublin always feel like partying. German students who are not from Munich, Stuttgart or Hamburg may have to get used to the high prices at first, but if you go to the student parties, you can also get drinks for 2 euros.

I did a semester abroad in the Master International Business at Griffith College (GCD). The range of subjects for the winter semester was pretty good. I was able to get credit for 4 courses, but only for electives from my German home university. The college is located in an old prison and looks a bit like an old castle, at least from the outside. The rooms are all of a good technical standard, but the chairs and tables are more suitable for smaller students. The organization at the GCD is rather chaotic. But those responsible do everything to find the best solution for their students. The leisure activities offered by the student organizations are also great.There are several trips, of which I took part in the Adventure Trip. You experience a lot for your money and get to know quite a few people. The Student Union also offers organized groups on campus. However, I didn’t take any offer. There was pool, FIFA, soccer, rugby, beer pong, badminton…

The teaching at the GCD cannot be compared to a state German university. There are small groups, about 15-50 students, who sit in the lectures more like at school. Attendance is usually compulsory, but more so for students with a visa. Since I’m doing a special controlling master’s degree in Germany, the content was rather superficial and broad. As described, I had electives credited and was able to learn a lot in these areas, which were new to me. The exam phase is right after Christmas, i.e. at the beginning of January, and lasts for 2 weeks. That was ideal for me, because I was able to take additional exams in Germany.

All in all, I can say that I would go back to the GCD and Dublin again and again. The only thing that is negative about Dublin is the high rate of bicycle thefts. It is best to only ride the Dublin Bikes (20 euros/year), then nothing can be stolen. I had an unforgettable time and hope that you too will take the opportunity to study at the GCD via MicroEdu.

Griffith College Dublin Review (3)