Ghana Entry Requirements

Ghana Entry Requirements

Passport and visa regulations


Passport required visa required Return ticket required
Turkey Yes Yes Yes
Other EU countries Yes Yes Yes
Switzerland Yes Yes Yes
Austria Yes Yes Yes
Germany Yes Yes Yes

Passport information

Generally required, must be valid for at least 6 months when you leave the country.

Visa information

A visa is required for citizens of the countries listed in the table above, among others.

  • Ehuzhou: Offers ultimate guide to duty-free shopping in Ghana. Also includes import and export regulations, as well as embassy and telecommunication information about this country.


Germany tourist and business visa: €110 (single entry, valid for up to 60 days within 3 months), €180 (multiple entry, valid for 60 days within 3 months) €260 (multiple entry, valid for 60 days within 3 months). of 6 months), €360 (multiple entries, valid for 60 days within 12 months). Transit visa: €90 (single entry), €120 (double entry). An express issue costs an additional €50. Attention: Before the transfer, the fees should be checked by telephone to ensure that they are up to date. Austria, Switzerland tourist and business visa: 100 CHF (single entry, valid for 30 days within 3 months); 180 CHF (multiple entry, valid for 60 days within 6 months). 240 CHF (multiple entries, valid for 60 days within 12 months).

Visa types and costs

Including tourist, transit and business visas (single or multiple entry).


Single-entry visa: 3 months from the date of issue. The length of stay is determined at the border and is set at a maximum of 60 days upon entry. An extension must be requested from the Immigration Service in good time before the 60-day period expires (see Extension of stay). Transit visa: 48 hours in a period of 3 months (single and multiple transit). Applicants residing in Germany must apply for the visa online and then submit it by post/in person to the responsible diplomatic mission together with all the necessary documents (passport, proof of payment, etc.), for example at the Embassy of Ghana in Berlin. Applicants residing in Austria or Switzerland must apply for the visa online and then by post / in person at the responsible diplomatic mission with all the necessary documents,

Application required

Applicants residing in Germany: Upload the documents to: Applicants residing in Austria: Upload the documents to: Applicants residing in the Switzerland: Upload documents to: Tourist Visa: (a) Passport valid for at least six months upon departure (+ copy of passport pages containing personal information). (b) 1 completed and signed application form. (c) 4 passport photos. (d) 2 contact addresses in Ghana (e.g. hotel, private individual/business partner) and letter of invitation and copy of the inviting person’s passport. (e) Fee (by bank transfer to the relevant diplomatic mission or in cash at the consulate/embassy). (f) If applicable, residence permit for Germany, Austria or Switzerland. (g) Proof of yellow fever vaccination (copy of international vaccination card). (h) Round-trip ticket booking confirmation. (i) Hotel Booking Confirmation. (j) Letter of invitation from a private person or institution in Ghana. (k) Proof of current employment. (l) Minors: Parents’ travel permit, copies of passports and, if applicable, parent’s residence permit. Business visa: (a)-(k) and (l) letter of introduction from employer in English with purpose of visit and confirmation of coverage. (m) Letter of invitation from the company in Ghana. All documents must be translated into English.

Temporary Residence

Applications to the competent consular representations.

Processing time

About 10 working days in Berlin (express issue: 1-3 days), same-day visas are no longer issued; 24 hours for personal and 2 weeks for postal applications in Vienna; at least 3 working days when applying in Bern.

Documents required upon entry

(a) Round-trip Ticket. (b) If applicable, travel documents for third countries (visas, etc.). (c) Sufficient Funds. (d) Visa. (e) International vaccination certificate with valid yellow fever vaccination.

Extension of stay

If you intend to extend your stay beyond the period of time granted in the visa or to visit one of the neighboring countries during your stay, a visa extension or a so-called re-entry visa is required (Immigration Service near the Ako Adjei Interchange, North district -Ridge, Accra Tel: (21) 25 82 49/25 82 50). The processing time is at least 14 days. Two passport photos, an application form and a fee of 80 GHS per month of extension are required. Attention: The visa is often limited to a stay of 60 days upon entry. In this case, too, it may be necessary to apply for an extension of your stay in good time.

Entry with children

German: Machine-readable children’s passport with photograph or your own passport. The old-style child ID card will not be accepted. Austrians: Own passport. Swiss: Own passport. Turks: Own passport. Note: The same visa requirements apply to children as to their parents. Attention: Minors under the age of 18 traveling alone to Ghana need a notarized permission from their parents or legal guardians as well as copies of their passports and, if applicable, copies of their residence permits. Since June 27, 2012, children need to travel to abroad (also within the EU) your own travel document (passport / children’s passport).

Ghana Entry Requirements