“Facebook Will Launch Something Awesome Next Week,” Says Zuckerberg

Apparently Mark Zuckerberg is not very concerned about Google+, the brightest star in the constellation of social networks in the past 48 hours. During a visit to an office of your company located in Seattle on Wednesday, the young billionaire told a reporter from Reuters that its social network will present “something really amazing” next week.

That “something” was developed by the team of 40 people working in the city – only development center Facebook which is far from its headquarters in Palo Alto , California, according to the own Zuckerberg.

As might be expected, the executive declined to give further details of the “bombshell revelation” which should happen in the coming days, leaving this task to the rumors. And they point out that the site may present a sophisticated blogging tool, to launch their expected app for iPad or show a specific application for sharing photos on the iPhone. Nothing too amazing to be true.

The Seattle office was responsible for the unification of the mobile site interfaces and is important “fundamental” in the company’s strategies, which says its mobile users “are twice more active” than those who prefer normal computers.