Evasion-Mont Blanc, France

Evasion-Mont Blanc, France

Evasion Mont Blanc is one of the most extensive ski areas, including the regions: Megeve – Saint-Gervais, Combloux, Les Contamines, Bellevue (Bellevue – Les Houches. The region is suitable for skiers of any level of skiing, from beginners to experts. There are excellent training and sports trails, many of which run in a beautiful forest overlooking Mont Blanc.

Imagine kilometers and kilometers of snow cover that stretch from a height of 580 m to a height of 4808 m. In the middle of all this splendor, alpine chalets are scattered and beautiful coniferous forests are green. Located on the highest peak in Europe, the Evasion-Mont-Blanc area in total can offer skiers no less than 450 km of marked pistes for every taste and for every skill level. A total of more than 115 lifts operate here. And in the middle is Mont Jou Snow Park, which will satisfy the needs of each and every freestyle and snowboarding enthusiast. Check jibin123 for customs regulations and visa requirements of France.

A particularly attractive feature of Evasion-Mont-Blanc is that from the beginning to the very end of the ski season there will be natural snow. Anyway.

The region is suitable for skiers of any level of skiing, from beginners to experts. There are excellent training and sports trails, many of which run in a beautiful forest overlooking Mont Blanc.

How to get there

Around the region there are several airports of different countries. The most convenient way, perhaps, is to fly through Geneva (about 1 hour drive from the airport).

Trails and lifts

If we continue to operate with specific figures, then in the Evasion-Mont-Blanc area you can find three funiculars, 10 gondola lifts, 35 ski lifts. In total, more than 80 lifts operate here. In total, there are more than 200 ski slopes in the Evasion-Mont-Blanc area, of which about 30 are black, about 80 are red, about 60 are blue and about 40 are green. Evasion-Mont-Blanc also has three dedicated snowboarding areas, 650 snow cannons and 38 restaurants up the slopes. Nobody bothered to count the restaurants below, at the foot; but, you can believe, there are a lot of them here too. It is also easy to believe that Evasion-Mont-Blanc occupies a leading position in the list of top skiing destinations and deserves no less resounding fame than Chamonix.

There are so many resorts and slopes in Evasion-Mont-Blanc that both those who can barely ski and those who play for the Olympic team can safely go here. But still, the special pride of the zone is precisely the difficult, steep descents.

Finally, lovers of running on a flat track will also find something to please themselves in Evasion-Mont-Blanc. There are 75 km of cross-country skiing trails, including extra-long ones in Megève (18 km) and in Saint-Gervais (11 km). The highest of these trails is located at an altitude of 1900 m.

Ski pass

A single ski pass for the Evasion-Mont-Blanc zone in the high season will cost 48 EUR per day and 278 EUR for seven days, children are entitled to a discount – 35 EUR and 221 EUR.

Evasion-Mont-Blanc Resorts

What is especially pleasant, in Evasion-Mont-Blanc there is still no feeling of “hypertourism”. In the pretty alpine villages of Megève, Saint-Gervais and Les Contamines-Monjou, the historic atmosphere of comfort, peace and unity with nature is still preserved. Each of them is slightly different from the others with a special character and some specific small sights.

Hot mineral water from the springs of Saint-Gervais is in no way inferior to the water of the famous Karlsbad spring (Karlovy Vary).

For example, for Saint-Gervais, this is an abundance of baroque religious architecture, which allows not only avid sportsmen to enjoy here, but also those who simply enjoy their stay in the Alps. Another feature of Saint-Gervais is the many thermal springs that have been actively visited by tourists from all over the globe for a couple of centuries.

Le Contamine is no less attractive due to the fact that it is located right on the protected area of ​​a giant area of ​​5.5 thousand hectares. The Monjou Valley is a wonderful place for walking and taking pictures: here you can find mountain lakes, rocky cliffs overgrown with forests, picturesque glaciers and an abundance of wild animals. In addition, the snow here is especially deep, which cannot but please those who prefer off-piste skiing.

The highest station in the entire zone is the Epaulet du Mont Joly (2350 m).

Those who are just starting to learn skiing can be advised to choose the slopes on Rochebrune, Mont-d’Arbois or Jallet: it is beautiful here and the slopes are quite gentle. More experienced athletes have a direct road to Megeve. Above it is the Super Megève station (altitude 1750 m), and even higher – Alpett, from where both serious professional trails and safer (just very long) descents begin. It is here, in Alpett, that the famous Emil-Alle begins – the track, which for many decades was considered one of the most difficult on the planet. In modern times, adventurous people have shaken that confidence by finding much more puzzling slopes on our planet, but Emile-Alle is still the historical place where snowsports began and which any self-respecting person can be honored to explore. ski master.

Evasion-Mont Blanc, France