Culinary Colleges Near to Staten Island, New York

Staten Island is located in Southeast New York State the New York Bay just southwest of Manhattan. Readily available for Manhattan, Staten Island has ferries run back and forth over the Bay all day and night. If a culinary education near the State of Island are what you are looking for, the city of New York has hundreds of different culinary colleges and programs to choose from.

Top Rated

Some of the best culinary colleges in the country is located in the heart of New York City, only a short distance from the State of Island. The French Culinary Institute is located in downtown Manhattan, less than 30 minutes from the State of Island. Teaching modern French cuisine, The French Culinary Institute has more than 25 years of experience training top chefs and have a wide range of training programs. Another top-rated culinary school near the State of Island’s Institute of Culinary Education. An award-winning training program, Institute of Culinary Education offers small and hands-on classes to ensure their training is tailored to each student.

Specialized Training

Do you love Italian, gourmet or all natural cooking? If so, you may be looking for a specialized culinary training in your area of interest. The Italian Culinary Academy is located in New York City just a short distance from the State of Island and train aspiring Italian cooks. This program provides students with the opportunity to have their training in both New York and several weeks in Italy. Another specialized program’s Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts, which is located in the heart of Manhattan, only a short distance from the State of Island. The Natural Gourmet Institute is a ground facility for cooks who appreciate health-supportive cooking.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are available at many colleges in the area of the State of Island, and if you are looking for a more generalized training that won’t take so long to implement, this might be a good option. The Art Institute of New York offers a certificate program in culinary arts. The Art Institute culinary program teaches international cooking and various cooking techniques. The Star Career Academy is also located in New York City and offers a certificate program. This certificate program teaches the fundamentals of food prep in a hands-on environment. Graduates of the certificate program are trained to work as a chef’s assistants, line cooks, chefs and catering assistants.

Cooking Courses

If you are looking for some cooking training but is not needed for a full training program, consider looking into the cooking classes at some top dining and educational institutions. Madan Café was the top-rated by Zagat in 2011 and offers cooking classes on its location in the State of Island Monday and Tuesday night. Another option for cooking classes are Miette Culinary Studio in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. The Studio offers recreational cooking classes for individuals or groups.