Columbia University Acceptance Rate, Average GPA, SAT and ACT Scores

Columbia University has a long and storied history that dates back to 1754, when King’s College was founded in New York City. The college was renamed Columbia College in 1784 after the American Revolution. During this period, the school expanded its curriculum to include courses in medicine and law. In 1857, Columbia College was officially chartered as a university by the State of New York and it became known as Columbia University. In 1897, Columbia moved from its location at 49th Street and Madison Avenue to its current location on Morningside Heights. This move allowed for further expansion of the university, including the establishment of various professional schools such as the School of Law, School of Nursing, School of International Affairs, and many others. In 1996, Columbia established its first international campus in Paris. Today, Columbia is one of the most prestigious universities in the world with a strong emphasis on research and education across disciplines. It is home to over 28000 students from all over the world and offers more than 3500 courses each year.

Columbia University, as one of the top colleges ranked by major educational institutions, has impressed us by its high selectivity and student friendly application process during admissions. The following tables detail 2018 class profile, including total applications received, average high school GPA, SAT scores/ACT scores, and acceptance rates of Columbia University. To learn more about GPA, SAT and ACT scores information, please follow the links below. If you want to find even more about Columbia University, such as tuition fees and scholarships, you can click the link after tables to visit the school’s official website.

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Admissions Stats

Columbia University is a highly selective university, with an admissions rate of 6.1% for the class of 2023. Of those admitted, approximately 54% were in the top 10% of their high school class, and over 80% were in the top 20%. The middle 50% of admitted students had SAT scores ranging from 1430 to 1560, and ACT scores between 33 and 35. The student body is also highly diverse, with representation from all 50 states as well as countries around the world. Additionally, Columbia’s financial aid program is generous and meets 100% of demonstrated need for all accepted students. In addition to need-based aid, Columbia also offers merit-based scholarships to recognize academic excellence. Overall, Columbia University offers a unique educational experience that is both challenging and rewarding.

Fall 2022 Selectivity

Selectivity most selective
Fall 2022 acceptance rate 10%
Early decision acceptance rate 22%
Early action acceptance rate N/A
Acceptance rate (excluding early action and early decision students) 8%

Fall 2022 Applications, Acceptances & Enrollments

Applicants 26,179
Female applicants 14,493
Male applicants 11,686
Applicants accepted 2,498
Female applicants accepted 1,247
Male applicants accepted 1,251
Freshman enrollment 1,391
Female freshman enrollment 676
Male freshman enrollment 715
Early decision applicants 2,921
Early decision applicants accepted 631
Early decision applicants enrolled N/A
Early action applicants N/A
Early action applicants accepted N/A
Early action applicants enrolled N/A
Total enrolled incoming freshmen who were accepted under early acceptance or early action N/A

Fall 2022 Wait List

School has a wait list Yes
Applicants placed on wait list N/A
Students accepting place on wait list N/A
Students accepted from wait list N/A

Fall 2022 High School Rank

Freshman students submitting high school class standing 80%

Fall 2022 High School GPA

Freshman students submitting high school GPA N/A
Average high school GPA N/A
High school GPA 25th-75th percentile range N/A
GPA breakdown N/A

Fall 2022 Freshman SAT Scores

Freshman students submitting SAT scores 92%
SAT Critical Reading average score N/A
SAT Critical Reading 25th-75th percentile range 690-780
SAT Critical Reading score breakdown N/A
SAT Math average score N/A
SAT Math 25th-75th percentile range: 700-790
SAT Math score breakdown N/A
SAT Writing average score N/A
SAT Writing 25th-75th percentile range 690-780
SAT Essay 25th-75th percentile range N/A

Fall 2022 Freshman ACT Scores

Freshman students submitting ACT scores 30%
Average ACT Composite score N/A
ACT Composite 25th-75th percentile range 31-34
ACT Composite score breakdown N/A
ACT English 25th-75th percentile range 30-35
ACT English score breakdown N/A
ACT Math 25th-75th percentile range 31-35
ACT Math score breakdown N/A