Collection Malbec Duloren: Strength and Security in Your Sexy Lingerie

Sometimes all we need is a little security to get back on your feet, right? And there is something more delicious than wear something that makes us feel good, strong and sensual, as if we could conquer the world?

The collection Malbec from Duloren came to you feel exactly like that, wonderful! With Bras perfect for combining with deep necklines that let the breasts in evidence and briefs with lace work and dental floss on the back to let anyone jaw dropped, come see! Oh, all the parts wear plus size.

Bras Collection Malbec

No bra bulge in revenue, has neckline dug with greater depth and straight edge. Fixed and adjustable straps, providing more comfort and security. Has whole back, lace in the center between the bulges and has no opening.

Bra with aro in external income double fabric and Lycra ® Silk Way in the lining. Has fixed and adjustable straps, with delicate lace. Perfect to combine with square neck, the neckline deeper and more distant handles to the center of the BRA.

Bra and frame all in income, fixed and adjustable straps crafted in delicate lace and elastic. For medium breasts, opt for bra models that keep your breasts in evidence, as the collection Malbec.

Panties Collection Malbec

Well, Hello there style panties, all crafted in lace front and back. Has the wide sides, suitable for all kinds of hip.

Pantie made of lace worked at the waist, front and back, with lace in the Centre. Has narrow side and is suitable for all kind of hip.

Pantie in income, narrow side and back thong with lace in the Centre. Suitable for all kinds of hip.

Want to have your skin free to breathe and all the sensuality of the collection Malbec? Come here fall in love and choose your lingerie sexy. < 3