Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand Travel Information

It is surprising that in the New Zealand wild bushes an example of neo-Gothic architecture survived the evil of the north winds and merciless storms: Christchurch, charming, soaked in the primly aristocratic Anglo-Saxon atmosphere. True, among the seeming silence and grace, bars and discos begin to grow for the joy of tourists who have tasted the colorfulness of the most beautiful city in New Zealand. According to philosophynearby, Christchurch is a city on the South Island of New Zealand, the center of the Canterbury region – a beautiful city full of English flavor.

In the Maori language, Christchurch is called Te-Fenua-O-Te-Potiki-Tautai, the shortened version is Otautai (which, of course, is more popular).

How to get there

Located near the center of the seaport and international airport, make Christchurch an important transport center of the country. The flight, like any other New Zealand resort, takes 18-20 hours with a transfer in Tokyo or Seoul.

Weather in Christchurch

According to pharmacylib, Christchurch has a temperate climate. The average air temperature in December-February is from +15 °C to +25 °C, in June-August – from +5 °C to +15 °C. Temperatures can drop below zero at night.

Entertainment and attractions in Christchurch

Sightseeing usually starts from the Holiday Inn City Center Christchurch, which is located in the heart of the city. He, in turn, combined the Botanical Garden, Cathedral Square, Orana Wildlife Park into a harmonious ensemble.

Undoubtedly, Christchurch Cathedral is considered the icing on the tour cake. Inside you will find a series of paintings dedicated to the history of the Anglican Church and the bishops of New Zealand, amazing stained glass windows, stunning views of the beauty of the city from the balconies. On Latimer Square, the Christchurch Club, an elegant wooden building in the style of the Italian Renaissance, is curious. The Canterbury Museum napped right there, delighting with rich collections of materials on the colonial past of the city, wood carvings and paintings illustrating the history of Antarctic exploration.

Cathedral Square with the City Cathedral, the Catholic Church on Barbados Street, the Government Building, the Arts Center on Worcester Street, the Antarctic Museum, the Lyttelton Historical Museum and the Maritime Gallery are Christchurch’s must-sees.

Other Attractions: Beach Road Zoo and Aquarium, Hagley Park, and the Mount Cavendish Hilltop Cable Car for stunning city views. You can finish the walk on the old tram, the route of which encircles the whole city.

hagley park

Hagley Park boasts trees brought from all over Europe. That’s where the cricket fields, golf, during which you can taste the true taste of England. Paths for horseback riding are laid among the fragrant alleys. A beautiful view opens from the Bridge of Remembrance, which is in the south of the city, erected in memory of the New Zealanders who died during the First World War.

And on Victoria Square there is a green-painted statue of Queen Victoria and a statue of Captain Cook, in an embrace with which tourists like to be photographed.

City outskirts

In the vicinity of the city is the world’s first tunnel (2.4 km long) between Christchurch and the port of Lyttelton, laid directly through the crater of the volcano. Of the natural attractions, it is worth noting: Orana Park Wildlife Trust, Willowbank Wildlife Reserve and Lake Elesmere.

From other country “goodies”: the suburb of Akaroa, located a 20-minute drive from the city center, a picturesque sandy beach, bordered by airy French pastry shops and restaurants. And of course, a fantastic 20-minute helicopter tour over the city and mountains of the South Island. The cost starts from 159 USD. Sunflowers can add to the program 2-3 unforgettable days of a beach holiday in the Fiji Islands.

4 things to do in Christchurch

  1. Dine in the restaurant of the municipal building, it is located in the northeast of the central square. Lunch is appetizing and tasty, and most importantly, a real atmosphere reigns here, to the best of a businesslike, perfect city in all respects.
  2. To guess that special weather period, which lasts only a few days a year, when skiing in the mountains near Christchurch, you can swim in the cold ocean near the city. The contrast is amazing: just there were snow splashes on the ski run, and in a moment you are conquering the sea waves on a surfboard!
  3. Taste a special delicacy – a fish called Whitebait, the extraction of which is a jeweler’s work, since the fish is microscopic in size. They catch it by hand, the cost is from 120-150 NZDper kilo.
  4. Visit the tourist complex on the mountain with an observation deck and a restaurant Kaikoura: a place north of Christchurch, chosen by whales, which are best admired at sunset.

Christchurch, New Zealand