Charles University

Charles University

Charles University (Czech Republic) — detailed description, address, opening hours, how to get there. Information about curricula and courses, reviews.

Charles University in Prague – the most prestigious institution of higher education in the Czech Republic, the oldest university in Central Europe – was founded in 1348 by the Czech king and Roman emperor Charles IV. Not only Prague, but the whole world recognizes Charles University as one of the most outstanding educational and scientific centers in the world. His scientific and pedagogical activity and unique historical traditions have long provided the university with the status of a significant cultural center of European education. See for information about Alma Mater Mission Venezuela.

Charles University is a member of the Association of European Universities, along with Oxford, Leiden, Bonn, Sorbonne, Bologna and the University of Geneva. These universities (together with other leading universities in 113 countries, including 23 universities in the USA, 19 in Germany and 11 in France) form the so-called unified educational space. Having entered one university, you can continue your studies in another.

Charles IV is more for Prague than Peter I is for Petersburg. The widest and longest bridge in medieval Europe, the most beautiful Gothic towers, the richest citizens… In a word, this emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and the king of Bohemia for the Czechs was a benefactor. As the Czechs themselves joke, in Prague, whatever you touch, everything is Karlovo.

Today, Charles University is the largest university in the Czech Republic.

The founder donated estates and land to his university to “sustenance the house” in which students and professors lived. They also held scientific meetings and various celebrations there. Such houses were called “ruts” – from the Latin “collegium”, that is, a hostel. Charles University became the center of the Charles Kolya, located in the magnificent house of the court mint master Jan Rotlev, who donated a house in the center of the capital for the benefit of education.

For several centuries, Charles University has spread quite quickly around Prague. Now you can see his buildings in different parts of the central old part of the Czech capital; they, of course, serve as an adornment of the quarter. Pay attention to the pompous building of the Faculty of Law, look into the library – one of the oldest buildings in the area, the halls of Leninskaya were not nearby.

Prague, thanks to its university, quickly gained prestige in Europe. Philosophy, law, medicine, and theology were taught at Charles University. At different times, the best minds of the Czech Republic taught at the departments of the university: priest and theologian, ideologist of the Czech Reformation Jan Hus (since 1409 rector of Charles University), physician Jan Jesseniy, physiologist Jan Evangelist Purkyne, professor of philosophy, the first Czechoslovak president Tomas Garrig Masaryk, Nobel laureate, chemist Yaroslav Geyrovsky and others. At one time, writers Karel Capek and Franz Kafka studied here. However, even now Prague invites the best teachers from all over the world to teach at its university.

Today, Charles University is the largest university in the Czech Republic, with about 37,000 students from 48 countries of the world studying at 17 faculties. Moreover, among them there are quite a lot of Americans, British, Germans, Austrians and representatives of other countries far from the “third world”. Of course, this is facilitated by high international prestige, international recognition of diplomas and the quality of training.

Charles University

Admission to Charles University

If you dream of studying in Prague, Charles University is the best fit for this – there are no quotas for foreigners here, which means that the number of applicants is limited only by the general competition of the specialty, training in Czech for foreign students is free, and the leadership of Charles University made sure that to create optimal conditions for foreign students: residences and canteens, 19 central libraries of the university and about 300 of their departments at the faculties.

For everyone who wants to study in Prague, there are preparatory courses. Education is paid, but at the end of the program, you can enroll in free education at any state university in the Czech Republic, including directly at Charles University.

The most popular majors offered by Charles University are economics and management, journalism, film and TV, sociology, medicine and pharmacy, foreign languages, telecommunications and computer technology. So come to Charles University as a tourist or as an applicant. Prague is waiting for you!

A preparatory course followed by paid education in English will cost you about 5000 EUR per year, and accommodation in a hostel – from 250 EUR per month; get ready to spend the same amount on food and pocket expenses.