Cctv-How to Install Microphone in Dvr-Audio in Dvr

Talking guys, welcome to my channel, in this video I’m going to talk about Mike, maybe you’ve been on Facebook, or some forum that I answer, or on youtube even right, are looking for your use. And in this video I’ll talk a little bit about microphone, the operation right, what I think about it, okay? A lot of people are looking for, have interest, have the desire to write, not only video but want to record voice, any environment that you want to monitor n.

Cctv-How to Install Microphone in Dvr-Audio in Dvr

And so, I want to give my opinion about the functioning, the experiences I’ve ever had, and so Hey, security stores, companies know, home centers, website, working with microphone for security, work with a standard medium model.

Sometimes it is pre amplified, sometimes it’s a little model more discreet. Here I have a little model, this one is not so common to find, more is a little model, too, for the DVR recording right, I don’t know if you can see cool there. And so, these microphones for security, they are microphones for environment right, they have very high gain, because he needs to capture the sound of the whole environment, and who are watching this video I’ve ever had the opportunity to put a microphone on the DVR, you will understand that what I’m talking about. The microphone, this pattern that we find in the shops, the less he captures is the voice.

He picks up dirt, hit right, that kind of hit that way, if you have the sound of the computer keys right, in a time so absurd, but the voice is what less can hear. Because he is a microphone for environment, it captures all the dirt from the environment, it is not a directional microphone right, the area that he captures is very large, and so we have to try to make any move, the DVR right, try to slow down a little here, a little increase from there. And so, if you do, get a DVR, can be the best DVR that is, and put a microphone like that pattern that sells in stores right security, this cheaper, the result will be catastrophic, not staying cool. So what is my recommendation for that?

Cctv-How to Install Microphone in Dvr-Audio in Dvr 1

I’ve had experiences of having to make a setting with the microphone right, how I solved? I bought a microphone for environment, that bigger that we see on television so that “long one” huh, his problem is that you can’t hide it, it will be apparent how well, and something else too, he usually picks up a small area, it’s no big deal right, and as he is a professional microphone, he doesn’t get that dirty things , he is prepared to get the voice right, he has a frequency suitable for it there, to pick up voice. And then when I did this setting I put a microphone like that right, and put also a module, audio, sound table type.

Why, what happens? The DVR abstraction he does, in fact, he only makes the recording. The microphone will pick up, will broadcast this audio to the DVR and record right, only storage, it will not treat the audio your right, he’s not going to make any kind of treatment, he will not amplify anything right. Can we adjust a little, gain, can’t do much of anything, so the professional microphone, with a module, is a perfect marriage right, is pretty cool. And there so I decided to put the two there, the sound is beautiful.

Here, I have a DVR, this DVR here, he has four audio channels, okay? I hope you’re getting to see there, and is on one of these channels here we start the audio. Installing it is just like a camera, you will make the cable there right, I have a little model o, on the other hand, you’re going to do, like that RCA my case here, RCA, you’ll put it this way. On the other, you don’t need a connector, unless your microphone has the connector, you’ll put the connector, there’s a that has no right, modelinhos is just a drizzle, you go there and places. If you have food, you have to feed the microphone, and has some models you have to land too, then you go and Lands, there are people who land him in mesh, in negative, also works.

Cctv-How to Install Microphone in Dvr-Audio in Dvr 2

But don’t expect a lot, the result, I’m not going to discredit completely, because I also sell these products, but I am sincere, they don’t work so everyone sees the same on television, usually we have as a parameter of comparison, television, both in image and sound, sometimes the person makes a small investment, and you think you’re going to call a movie at her house both audio and video, and so works, if the environment is pretty quiet, a small area, under a table, and the goal is to record who is sitting talking there, then I think we can, lower the gain from the DVR right, he will capture a smaller area, in a quiet room will be all right, if you have now with open window near the street, can forget that it’s not going to work.
Had another boy he asked me, if camera with audio, I think today or sell more right, the camera with audio she enters the schema that I said now, she went into disuse, because the audio is up there along with the camera, if your goal is to burn someone’s voice, the closer you get better Right? All of a sudden you want to put in a room, wanted to hide it, and then, it better be really separated, the camera films up there the environment, or maybe in the room don’t even have camera, you play an audio hiding under a table, where you want to put there, and going to work.

Now I’m going to show you how we do it in the DVR when you put a microphone, okay? Well, so do the audio setup on DVR, after you install it uptight there, do the right cable, prepare the installation exactly as you do with the camera right, installed, passed the cable there, how are you going to do, you’re going to get here from the menu of DVR, will put the password if you have, in my case has , you go into system, Encoder, okay? in Encoder, you will find the right video channels, and below here, video/audio, audio/video channel is okay? The video is already active, and the audio I’m active here too. So what do you do here? You turn right, he probably will be disabled so you will click on a channel, if you connect the audio on channel one, you’ll turn here, and will enable you to hear him in the remote access too, if you do not activate, you will only be able to hear on the site.

Cctv-How to Install Microphone in Dvr-Audio in Dvr 3

It’s important that you put the audio from an environment, on where he’s a camera right, two, three right, and so on. You have to do this because otherwise is contrary to right, otherwise you will watch camera one, will leave the three channel audio right, will work more is going to be messy. And then you turn right, channel one, do it with the other channels right, two, ok here. And you hear it in the DVR just direct you turn here, and then you will hear, if you are with a sound box in the right place, if you have audio. And if you go there, turn in your access will have a button like this, you will click on it here, will activate, and you’re going to hear, okay?

So that’s it guys, that was what I wanted to impart to you, I hope it was enlightening huh, somehow help you there, if you are an installer, I experienced right, you might think it’s all nonsense, unnecessary and such, but all of a sudden you’re a user who is starting, a domestic user right, and it’s nice to hear the opinion of someone who already uses , and helps you right, to formalize, to form your opinion right, and that’s it then, thank you there and until the next video.