Catholic University of Brasilia

Catholic University of Brasilia

Catholic University of Brasilia. Private academic institution located in the capital of Brazil. It is one of the largest universities in the country and is administered by the Brazilian Union of Catholic Education. It was recognized as a university on December 30, 1994.


The Catholic Faculty of Human Sciences was the first teaching unit to offer three courses: Economics, Administration and Pedagogy and was created in 1974.

Over the years, the Faculty was organized in a structure of teaching and values, whose base became more and more solid, which made possible the installation of the Integrated Faculties of the Catholic University of Brasilia (FICB), in 1980.

Fifteen years later, the Catholic University was recognized by the Ministry of Education as a university, maintaining in its essence the promotion of knowledge, without neglecting spirituality based on Christian ethics. On December 30, 1994 it is recognized as “Catholic University of Brasilia”.


Universidad Católica de Brasilia offers 50 face-to-face and distance learning courses (EAD), 9 master’s courses and 6 doctorate courses. With its own resources or from external funders, it has more than 100 research projects involving undergraduate and postgraduate students and more than 50 extension projects.

UCB provides its students with the best facilities and structures. In addition, it offers 32 EAD poles scattered in Brazil and in other countries, such as Japan, USA and Angola.


The Catholic University of Brasilia’s mission is to act in solidarity and effectively for the integral development of the human person and of society, through the generation and communion of knowledge, committed to quality, ethical and Christian values, in the search for the truth.

Future vision

In 2020, in its silver jubilee, the Catholic University of Brasilia will be a reference institution in Extension, Research and Teaching, inseparable and committed to innovation, sustainable development and social justice.

Professional careers

  • Humanities
    • Management
    • Political science and government
    • Accounting sciences
    • Economic Sciences
    • digital communication
    • Social comunication
    • Right
    • Philosophy
    • Letters
    • Pedagogy
    • Pedagogical training program
    • Psychology
    • International relations
    • Bilingual Executive Secretariat
    • Social service
  • exact Sciences
    • computer’s science
    • Environmental engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Physical
    • Math
    • Chemistry
    • Information systems
    • logistics technology
  • Biological Sciences
    • biomedicine
    • Biological Sciences
    • Physical education
    • Nursing
    • Pharmacy
    • Physiotherapy
    • Gerontology
    • Medicine
    • Nutrition
    • odontology

Catholic University of Brasilia