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Hello! If you’re reading this, it probably means you’re interested in studying abroad in Santa Barbara. I’ll give you the “too long, didn’t read” version up front: It’s really expensive, but it’s worth it and I would do it again in the same way at any time. Application process The application process was very easy […]

UCSB NSF Quantum Foundry

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To the University: The University of Santa Barbara is part of the University of California Association, in which several Californian universities are united, but this more or less loose association has otherwise no impact worth mentioning, at least for the international students (extension students). The university, which is organized on a pleasantly spacious campus with […]

Department of Economics - UC Santa Barbara

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Preparation Since my home university in Germany in the USA only offers mediocre universities in unattractive locations, I came to UCSB. The application process was largely straightforward. Simply fill out all the relevant forms in good time, pay the fees and then after a few weeks you will receive approval from the UCSB. After admission, you register […]

Associated Students - UCSB

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Introduction Like several HSG students before me, I also spent my exchange semester at the Bachelor’s level at the University of California Santa Barbara and had a wonderful time. In this report I will try to address aspects that have not yet been discussed in the other reports. But first of all, the following information: […]

Study IT Security

Study IT Security Abroad

Spam emails, bot networks, hackers, worms, viruses and Trojans: more than half of all companies have already been victims of cyber attacks . Competitors and criminals try to spy out internal data, paralyze operating systems or manipulate the company’s own Internet pages. Private individuals are also affected by online crime. So-called phishing is particularly widespread […]

Study International Business Administration

Study International Business Administration Abroad

The word globalization is on everyone’s lips. The interrelationships on our globe are becoming more and more intensive and complex. This is particularly evident in the economy. Many German companies have production abroad. They source their raw materials from other countries and have customers all over the world. Study business administration globally A degree in […]

Study International Relations

Study International Relations Abroad

Our century is characterized by increasing global networking on a political, economic, economic and cultural level. Emerging states from Asia are increasingly replacing the USA as an economic and political superpower. International economic relations are becoming more and more complex and confederations of states such as the EU, but also internationally active NGOs and business […]