Sochi, Krasnodar Region (Russia)

Sochi, Krasnodar Region (Russia)

The first settlements in the Sochi region appeared about 400 thousand years ago. Many archeological monuments have been found here: caves, open sites, settlements of ancient people, dolmens, ruins of fortresses and temples, burial grounds, burial mounds. More than 200 unique archeological monuments have been registered in Sochi. Modern Sochi stretches along the eastern coast […]

Yemen Politics

Yemen Politics, Population and Geography

General information: North Yemen gained independence in 1918 (before 1918 it was part of the Ottoman Empire). The British, who in the 19th century declared the southern port of Aden their protectorate, in 1967 left this territory, which was called South Yemen. Three years later, the government of South Yemen embarked on a Marxist path […]

Vietnam Politics

Vietnam Politics, Population and Geography

Background: France occupied all of Vietnam in 1884. After World War II, independence was declared, but France remained in power until 1954, when it was defeated by communist forces under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh (HO Chi Minn), who took control of the northern part countries. The United States provided increasing economic and military […]

Turkmenistan Politics

Turkmenistan Politics, Population and Geography

General information: Annexed by Russia in 1865-85, Turkmenistan became a Soviet republic in 1925. It gained independence after the collapse of the USSR in 1991. The President of NIYA-ZOV retains absolute control over the country and does not tolerate opposition. Large reserves of hydrocarbons could ensure the prosperity of this underdeveloped country if projects were […]

Tajikistan Politics

Tajikistan Politics, Population and Geography

Background: Tajikistan experienced three changes of government and a five-year civil war after gaining independence in 1991. A peace agreement between the warring parties was signed in 1997, its entry into force was announced at the end of 1999. The agreement provided for the legalization of opposition political parties until elections in 1999, which took […]

Qatar Politics

Qatar Politics, Population and Geography

Background: Ruled by the Al-Thani dynasty since the mid-1800s, Qatar has gone from being a poor British protectorate known primarily for its pearls to an independent state with significant oil and gas revenues. In the late 1980s – early 1990s. Qatar’s economy was weakened by a constant drain on oil revenues due to the actions […]

Oman Politics

Oman Politics, Population and Geography

General information: In 1970, QABOOS bin Said Al Said overthrew his father and to this day rules the country as a sultan. The vast modernization program he developed opened Oman to the rest of the world and helped establish strong long-term political and military relations with Britain. The country pursues a moderate, independent foreign policy […]

Maldives Politics

Maldives Politics, Population and Geography

General information: For a long time, the Maldives was a sultanate, being first under the Dutch, then under the British protectorate. The islands became a republic in 1968, three years after independence. Tourism and fishing are developing on the archipelago. Geography Location: South Asia, a group of atolls in the Indian Ocean, south-southwest of India. See […]

Malaysia Politics

Malaysia Politics, Population and Geography

General information: Malaysia was formed in 1963 by the merger of Malaya (independent since 1957) and the former British Singapore, which united to form West Malaysia, and Sabah and Sara-waka in the north of the island of Borneo (Kalimantan), which formed East Malaysia. The first three years after independence were marred by clashes with Indonesia. […]

Lebanon Politics

Lebanon Politics, Population and Geography

General information: general information. Lebanon has continued to make progress since 1991 in restoring political institutions and national sovereignty after the end of a devastating 16-year civil war. Under the Ta’if Agreement – a plan for national reconciliation – the Lebanese established a more just political system, in particular by giving Muslims the right to […]

Laos Politics

Laos Politics, Population and Geography

General information: General information. In 1975, the communists seized power, ending the reign of a 600-year-old monarchy. The policy of close ties with Vietnam and socialization was replaced by a gradual turn towards private enterprise, the adoption of laws facilitating foreign investment, and joining ASEAN in 1997. Geography Location: Southeast Asia, northeast of Thailand, west […]

Kyrgyzstan Politics

Kyrgyzstan Politics, Population and Geography

Background: Kyrgyzstan, a Central Asian country with beautiful nature and proud nomadic traditions, was incorporated into Russia in 1864. Independence was regained by the country in 1991. Today, among the main problems that need to be addressed: the privatization of state-owned enterprises, the development of democracy and political freedoms, improvement of inter-ethnic relations and terrorism. […]

Kuwait Politics

Kuwait Politics, Population and Geography

General information: On August 2, 1990, Kuwait was attacked and captured by Iraq. On February 23, 1991, after several weeks of air strikes, US-led UN forces launched a ground operation that completely liberated Kuwait four days later. Kuwait has spent more than $5 billion to rebuild the oil industry’s infrastructure, which was damaged in 1990-91. […]

Jordan Politics

Jordan Politics, Population and Geography

General information: Most of the time since independence (until 1946 under British rule), Jordan was led by King HUSSEIN (1953-1999). Being a pragmatic ruler, he successfully led the country through a series of wars and attempted coups d’état, without succumbing to pressure from the great powers (USA, USSR and Great Britain), various Arab states, Israel […]