Cambridge University

Cambridge University

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One of the oldest and largest English universities, the University of Cambridge was founded in 1209. Already in the 13th century. in Cambridge formed humanities, law, theology and medical faculties. From that time to this day, Cambridge has consistently ranked highest in the world university rankings, competing with Oxford for the title of the best university. The age of Cambridge and its English origin, of course, suggest that it is worth getting here not only for the sake of a thirst for knowledge, but also to find yourself in an atmosphere of either medieval life, or a fabulous “Harrypotter” entourage, plunging headlong into the world about which so much has been written stories. See for information about Catholic University of Uruguay.

Once in Cambridge, the visitor, spellbound, can walk from one ancient building to another, enjoying the general atmosphere of a medieval university. In this sense, Cambridge, with its numerous parks, lawns, fields and rivers, is certainly not inferior to Oxford in any way.

Well, if we talk about names, then this, of course, is not Harry Potter, but T. More, who was in the 16th century. one of the trustees of the university, Erasmus of Rotterdam, F. Bacon, I. Newton, C. Darwin, J. K. Maxwell, E. Rutherford and many other luminaries of science who studied, worked, taught and invented within the walls of Cambridge University. Perhaps you, having breathed in the clean air of Cambridge and admired its landscapes, will suddenly discover something new and unknown for yourself. Ideas are definitely in the air here.

Cambridge is not only the most ancient and conservative, but also the richest university in Europe.

The University of Cambridge, like a true Englishman, is jealous of its traditions, while not rejecting all sorts of innovations. Like centuries ago, the University of Cambridge is still made up of colleges that are self-governing corporations. Conservative Cambridge and in relation to the dress code. So do not be surprised when you see students here walking around in a robe and a four-cornered cap with a tassel – in some Cambridge colleges they are not even allowed into the dining room without such a “school uniform”.

In no case do not bring painted wooden spoons here as a Russian souvenir, because another old tradition of the university is to give out a wooden spoon to the worst student. The last time a similar spoon the size of an oar was issued was in 1909.

Not only students, but also tourists are attracted by 8 large museums located at the University of Cambridge. Of greatest interest is the Fitzwilliam Museum with collections of exhibits of ancient and modern art. In addition, there are museums of Archeology and Anthropology, Zoology, History of Science, the Scott Polar Museum and a beautiful botanical garden.

Figures and facts

The University of Cambridge has more than 150 faculties, departments, research centers and institutes, united in 6 separate schools, several dozen clubs, associations and societies that contribute to the integration of students into the life of the university. The University of Cambridge has 114 libraries. The central one is the university library, which stores more than 8 million books and manuscripts in different languages of the world. The university library, as the country’s national library, receives a copy of every book that is published in the UK.

Most of the books in the Cambridge University Library are freely available and can be borrowed, and the library itself is open around the clock.

The academic year is divided into three semesters, each of which takes only 8 weeks.

And, finally, the budget of the University of Cambridge is 4 billion pounds – so that it is not only the oldest and most conservative, but also the richest university in Europe.

How to get there

The city of Cambridge is located 88.5 km north of London or 45 minutes by train. Nearby, at a distance of about 50 km, is Stansted Airport.

Address: CB2 1TN, Cambridge, Trinity Lane, The Old Schools.

Cambridge University