California State University Fullerton Review (14)

California State University Fullerton Review (14)

University: California State University Fullerton

City: Fullerton

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

Stay abroad? Yes! California State University? Yes! fullerton? My best decision! But that can only be clearly established after a semester in the USA. I will explain in detail how I came to my clear conclusion. Check to see Semester Abroad In Riga Stradins University.

Before the semester abroad

When I enrolled at my German university in 2009, it was already clear that the fifth semester would be a semester abroad. I was no longer confronted with the thought of studying until the beginning of 2011 when a decision had to be made. Baffled by the decision, I started researching on the internet and my counseling teachers at the university. After a short time, I was made aware of MicroEdu, who already have outstanding experience in placing international students. This part was very important to me as I wanted to make sure that I was planning my future with an agency that knew what they were doing and that gave me constant support and the right advice.

I knew before I went to study abroad that I wanted to go to the USA, so I started researching. MicroEdu itself is connected to many universities, which makes the application process much easier. At the time, it was simply impossible for me to correctly submit an application to an American university on my own. Since I always want to be fully informed, I have found MicroEdu to be the right contact person for all my little problems. Every question I had, no matter how small, was answered in detail, so that after a conversation I could feel strengthened in my decision. After my successful application process, the decisive tasks began. A visit to the consulate was due for my VISA, and accommodation decisions had to be made.

In order to get my VISA, I decided to visit the consulate in Frankfurt. Appointments can be made online, which makes the visit very flexible. In front of the consulate, all documents must be presented in full and sufficient to gain entry into the building. After you have received numbers, you wait to be called, give fingerprints and have a small interview, which even took place in German for me. Before the consulate visit I was totally scared that fortunately everything went well and it wasn’t bad at all.

So after I officially received a residency permit, the CSUF International Office contacted me with accommodation options. So I had the opportunity to live on campus in a student residence, to live near the campus in a student residence or to live with a host family. Without hesitation and without much thought, it was clear to me that I would like to spend my semester abroad with a host family in order to have the full American experience. When I finally received my host family’s contact information and a photo, I was super happy with my decision and was really looking forward to the trip.

About the flight

The closest airport to CSUF is LAX. Since you will not be picked up there, you can order a SuperShuttle from home, which is highly recommended. Because I didn’t think about it much, I ended up investing a lot more money and stress than it should have.

During the semester abroad

Before my studies at CSUF started, a welcome day was organized with all international students. So we were educated on everything we need to know for our first days at American University, what to look out for and what is not allowed. We were given information about activities, clubs, health care, the gym, etc., so that we had the opportunity to take part in all the offers.

Before I traveled to the USA, I familiarized myself with the university’s course catalog online and checked which courses I could take from my German university. As a result, I submitted a wish list with my first ten courses at CSUF. So before the university started, I got access to my online CSUF user account and was able to find out whether and which courses I had received. American students choose their courses ahead of international students, so there’s a chance you might not get all the courses you were hoping for. I had received one of my ten courses and therefore it was participation (or class crashing) for me. Under participation, the American is a white piece of paper with which you can go to your desired courses (which are already full) and ask the professors to take you into the course. If you are successful, you will receive a signature with which you can enroll in the course. Everything sounds worse than it is. It’s super easy and after two days I was happy with all the courses I wanted.

I have proven:

  • Team Leadership Skills
  • Professional Selling
  • Family Business Dynamics
  • retail marketing.

I finished all courses with an A or B. A challenge that one is not so familiar with from Germany, oral grades, many papers, group projects, quizzes and exams. Everything is possible, but still a lot of work.

Since the class size at CSUF is very small (up to 50 students), it was very easy to make a lot of new friends. I got in touch with most of my friends in various group assignments, which made things a lot easier.

During spring break and on lecture-free days, I took the opportunity to work in the gym or to explore the area. With Los Angeles, San Diego, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Malibu and Santa Monica all so close by, it’s not uncommon to spend a day there. Since I decided against buying a car in the USA, I was very dependent on others. Orange County’s public transit system is okay. A bus to the university drove every hour, which is acceptable and even free of charge due to the affiliation with the university. I have used the option of renting a car several times and it worked perfectly.

Since there is WLAN in the university and most restaurants in the USA, it is hardly necessary to switch a smartphone to an American provider. However, I switched my second cell phone to an American provider (AT&T), which costs 25-50 dollars a month. This depends on the services you want to use.

After the semester abroad

As my time in the US went on, I realized that I really didn’t want to go anymore. The university was excellent for the quality of the courses and professors, as well as the helpfulness of all employees. I never felt like I didn’t know who to ask or who was willing to help me. I have found very good friends and a new ‘family’ with whom I will continue to keep in touch. A real life is built over time. You feel at home, you have arrived – and that was one of the most beautiful feelings to experience. I’ve managed to settle into a foreign country, overcome all the difficulties on my own, made new friends and successfully passed all my courses. It’s a feeling that only a semester abroad can give you. The USA and CSUF were the perfect choice for me, a determined, young, business-oriented student with an interest in American culture and people. I was not disappointed.

Even during my stay abroad and after I finished my studies, MicroEdu never forgot about me and always cared about my well-being. That’s what good care is all about, and I’m grateful that I was able to take part in this program and that everything went smoothly and successfully.

California State University Fullerton Review (14)