California State University Fullerton Review (10)

California State University Fullerton Review (10)

University: California State University Fullerton

City: Fullerton

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

Hello dear prospective foreigners,

First of all, I would like to thank the MicroEdu team for the numerous support during the application phase as well as during the semester abroad. Thanks to MicroEdu, my application process at California State University Fullerton went smoothly and quickly, so I was able to apply at short notice before the semester abroad. Check to see Semester Abroad In California State University Fullerton.

A good reason to choose Fullerton is that the university is a good university, among other things the cheapest, and is very centrally located in California, so you can get to nearby places everywhere, even during the semester. In general, Fullerton is not too big, you can party downtown, but neighboring cities like LA, Newport, Laguna, etc. are also a good change.

To prepare you a little for what’s to come once you’re in the initial planning of accommodation, a vehicle, and credit card, I’d like to tell you a few things that would have made things a little easier for me. In terms of accommodation, I was unfortunately not so well positioned at the beginning, as I thought it would be easier for me to look for an apartment in the suburbs. I arrived a month before the semester started and almost all the apartments were rented. Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye very quickly to my idea of ​​having my own room, since it is almost impossible to pay for it alone and the majority share a room/ 1-person apartment in order to reduce the accommodation costs. A security deposit is required in most cases. It would be important for you to know that all the newly occupied apartments (including the UV, UCA, UCE and UH, as well as the homesteads) have really little to no interior design, so I would recommend you to move in with students who are American or internationals and have therefore been in Fullerton longer, so the apartments are equipped. Here you are usually lucky enough to save yourself costs and effort, otherwise it can get really expensive. A good tip is to contact the Evangelical Church in Brea, which organizes a “Furniture give away” day to support foreign students with furniture and utensils free of charge during their stay abroad. We recommend an apartment close to the university, so that you can walk, bike or even skateboard there. Would you like to drive to the university? Unfortunately, the university only offers you parking spaces that are subject to a fee, ie a parking permit that can be purchased for $300 at the beginning of the semester, but a parking space is not guaranteed. Having a car is recommended in Fullerton as there is very little walking distance. Many have rented a car for four people in order to save costs here as well. I didn’t have a car on site, but I was always lucky enough to be able to come with me through my acquaintances and friends. Otherwise, I had a bike, which I got along with very well in Fullerton if the distances weren’t too far. We also recommend the Uber app, which is a cheaper alternative to a taxi.

I highly recommend bringing at least two credit cards with you to the US, as most credit cards have a daily or weekly limit, so you could run into problems paying for rent, travel, etc. I myself am with the Comdirect, with which I could withdraw money free of charge (initially there was a fee of $3 for each withdrawal, but these fees are promptly refunded if a listing is sent by email) and contact customer service 24 hours a day. I would still recommend a credit card that you can use to pay for free, because the Americans like to “swipe” the credit card, so that you get used to the lifestyle very quickly and prefer it.

As for the university, I would like to tell you that the CSUF campus is really beautiful and various events take place on the university campus, sort of like what you see in American films. The system is completely different than in Germany, comparable to schools. Participation in classes is required, participation in classes, homework, presentations, as well as group work, quizzes, term papers, midterms and final exams are more complex and intensive depending on the course. The course selection was still made in Germany, I was accepted into all 4 courses immediately, but I was able to drop a course at the beginning of the semester and enroll in another course without any problems after a short conversation with the respective lecturer. The teachers are very organized helpful and always happy to help. It is important for you to always refer to the syllabus of the lecturers, as all important dates are listed there. Here is a brief overview of the courses I have attended:

  • MGMT339 Principles of MGMT and Operations, Mr Nikandish:

Interesting VL, good lecturer, very strict, coming semesters more workload according to Mr. Nikandish

  • MGMT340 Organizational Behavior, Mr. Teckchandani:
    Nice lecturer, lots of homework, relatively personal completion of homework required
  • MKTG370 Consumer Behavior, Mr. Chen:
    Very interesting VL, little homework, sometimes demanding, but doable, teamwork
  • MKTG401 Professional Selling, Mr. Locander:
    Cool lecturer, strict at times, lots of guest speakers, VL not that interesting (rarely regular VL, more like roleplays and how-to’s), BUT the sales pitch roleplays are very effective, interesting and challenging, but doable !

I have forwarded all syllabi to MicroEdu and you can request them from the team.

Unfortunately, the gym on the university campus is chargeable for internationals, but there are cheaper gyms in the area or in some apartment complexes their own gym, which are not as well set up. Crunch Fitness in Placentia is recommended because it is very inexpensive and the enrolled person can always bring a guest to the workout.

California has a lot to offer in terms of cities, beaches, bars, restaurants, clubs, national parks, shopping and so on. At the beginning I got some tips from some friends who were also on the West Coast about what I should see/do and what not. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to check everything off the long list during the semester abroad because time was too short, although I flew there a month in advance and stayed a month longer and was on the road a lot. In any case, there is something interesting for every type. National parks like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite (especially recommended in spring because of the waterfalls), Death Valley, Joshua Tree National Park are recommended. The former make sense in combination with Vegas, since these are “practically” on the way. Vegas should rent a hotel on the Strip (cheaper on weekdays than weekends) and the pool parties at MGM (Wet Republic) and Cosmopolitan (Marquee) are a real MUST and a real experience. Experience has shown that 3-4 days are enough for Vegas if you want to see and experience everything. Most of the time you go there at least 2 times anyway.;P The Joshua Tree Park is a nice day trip with Palm Springs.

If you want to go to the beaches, look for bays, they are usually nicer there than the tourist beaches. Newport, Laguna, Venice and some beaches in and around San Diego are my favorites, I personally didn’t find Long Beach that nice. San Diego is a quick drive, 1-2 hours depending on traffic, but the Greyhound bus is also a cheap alternative. Los Angeles is very diverse and, in my opinion, a great city for the occasional day or weekend trip due to its proximity. A great experience was the mass of the West Angeles Church in Los Angeles, which guarantees pure goosebumps! You should definitely have been in San Francisco for at least 4 days, as this city offers many great districts. When looking for accommodation, it is important to find accommodation which offers free parking and is located near Union Square. The BIG BUS hop on hop off tour is the best way to get around San Francisco for the first 2 days. They offer day and night trips. Six Flags is also a MUST, even if rollercoasters weren’t your area of ​​interest before.

In general, it should be noted that if you are talkative and sociable yourself, you can also make contact with locals and internationals and develop good friendships over time, despite the many German students in Fullerton. Thanks to this, I was able to get to know American culture and was lucky enough to experience Thanks Giving, Christmas, New Year’s and much more.

Finally, if you want to travel, which you will definitely do, it is recommended to plan enough money and not to calculate sparingly when planning the semester abroad. So, spend little money on rent and car, spend a lot on travel, experiences and shopping!;) With 15,000-20,000 € you are well off.

The semester abroad in America is definitely and, in my opinion, especially recommended for everyone over the age of 21, because there are no limits and it is an experience that will be remembered.

If you have any further questions or need advice, please feel free to contact the MicroEdu team, ask for my name and email me. There is so much to tell and helpful tips that I would have gratefully accepted before my semester abroad.

California State University Fullerton Review (10)