Calgary, Canada

Calgary, Canada

According to ehealthfacts, Calgary is a large city in the province of Alberta, surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains and magnificent manicured parks. Calgary International Airport, located 18 km from the center, receives many planes with ski tourists. Because only three hours drive separates Calgary from the resorts of Fernier, Kimberley and others.


The C-Train is a Calgary light rail system currently operating two lines. With a total length of 48.8 km, they connect the city center with its northeastern, northwestern and southern districts. Simply put, the Sea Train is a cross between a tram and a subway. See animalerts for overview of North America, covering list of all countries in the continent.

Line 201, which has 28 stations (36.3 km), can be traveled in 55 minutes. Line 202 (19 stations and 14.5 km) – in half an hour. Sea-train fare ~ 3.00 CAD (ticket valid for 90 minutes). At the same time, at nine stations located in the center of Calgary, along Seventh Avenue, which use both lines, travel is free.

Entertainment and attractions

It is worth climbing the Calgary Tower, 91 m high, from where a beautiful panorama opens up. The tower is designed in such a way that it can sway slightly in the wind while maintaining its stability.

Also interesting: Galaway Park – the second largest amusement park in Canada; the zoo, which is considered one of the best in Canada; Fort Calgary Historical Park and the famous Olympic Park with sports entertainment.

The city is famous for the annual rodeo Calgary Stampede and Exhibition: parades, performances, competitions are held for 10 days starting from the second week of July. Professionals and amateurs must hold out for at least 8 seconds on the back of an unbroken horse, tame a wild mustang, or lasso a bull in 10 seconds.

Tired of the abundance of sights, you can take a walk in the indoor city garden Devonian Gardens.

Museums in Calgary

Heritage Park is a huge open-air history museum that presents the history of the city in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Glenbow Museum is the largest art gallery in Calgary of contemporary Canadian artists and Eskimo art (28 thousand exhibits of the 19th-21st centuries), the Telus children’s science museum and planetarium, the Royal Paleontological Museum and the Navy Museum.

Weather in Calgary

The climate is temperate and dry, rare rains occur in spring, but snow can be almost at any time of the year, even in late spring and summer, due to the proximity of the mountains. “Chinook” (chinook – translated from the Indian “snow eater”) – a warm and dry wind blowing from the Rocky Mountains, which in a few hours raises the air temperature by more than +20 ┬░ C, turning winter into spring.

Calgary, Canada