Cabaret, Dominican Republic

Cabaret, Dominican Republic

According to politicsezine, Cabarete is located 15 km to the east and is very popular with windsurfers. Young people mainly rest here, since everything they need is available here: water sports, excellent cuisine and, of course, opportunities for new acquaintances. Fans of swimming in a calm sea may not like the constant water “slaps”. On the other hand, those who are not afraid of the raging elements will enjoy the beautiful beaches and clear water.

The city almost completely follows the contours of Highway 5, so that all life here stretches along the two-lane highway for almost a kilometer.

Those who like to swim in calm seas may not like the constant water “slaps” in Cabarete.


Since the length of Cabarete is only 800 meters, no means of transport are needed to move around the resort. During the day, cheap and fast motoconchos (motorbikes with a driver) run around the city. In addition, neighboring resorts can be reached by gua-gua (minivans, 10 DOP) and publicos (20 DOP during the day and 40 DOP at night). See health-beauty-guides for Greenland travel package.

Shopping: shops

The resort has many good souvenir shops. For example, Mamajuana, which sells all sorts of herbs and spices that can be added to rum or wine.

In Cabarete stores, you can easily find the necessary surf equipment, moreover, at good prices. In addition, here you can roll up a T-shirt with your own photos taken during the kiteboarding lesson.

Cuisine and restaurants of Cabarete

You can eat tasty and inexpensive in Cabarete! The best breakfasts are served at Dicks bakery and neighboring Friends. Caribbean / French cuisine: La Otra Cosa (in the east of Cabarete Bay, expensive), Bliss (El Callejon de la Loma). Pizza: Pomodoro on the beach and LAX. You should try sea reptiles in La Casita or Casa del Pescador (expensive). Traditional Cuisine: El Tigre at Callejon de la Loma, Fried chicken @ Luis. And, of course, the ubiquitous sushi from the Japanese chef living in Cabarete – Yamazato restaurant in Ocean Dream.

A very romantic place with Indian-Dominican cuisine is 20 minutes by taxi and is called Blue Moon. Places should be booked in advance, as the restaurant is small (30-40 people).

Attractions and attractions Cabarete

Cabarete is the capital of surfing and kitesurfing not only in the Dominican Republic, but throughout the Caribbean. This town is famous for its winds and waves, the best of which are in February and March. Every year, the World Windsurfing Championship takes place here, as well as the Cabarete Race Week, which brings together the best windsurfers in the world.

Diving, mountain biking, horseback riding, tennis and golf are also popular here.

Cabaret, Dominican Republic