British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia, Canada

Far, far away, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, among forests and rocks, there is a fairy-tale land where club-footed bears roam among evergreen forests, salmon splashes in mountain rivers, grapes ripen in valleys and kind and beautiful people live. This place is called British Columbia – the westernmost province of Canada.

And if you have read Jack London, you should be aware of where decent people look for treasures.

According to internetsailors, the capital of British Columbia is Victoria, the largest city is Vancouver. Ski resorts –

Whistler – Blackcomb, Sunny Peaks, Silver Star, Big White, Kimberley, Fernier.

How to get there

From Russia, it is most convenient to fly to Vancouver International Airport. In addition, flights are accepted by Victoria and Kelon airports.

According to mathgeneral, British Columbia has a well-developed land transport system – buses and trolleybuses, light rail and sea buses – passenger ferries (for example, from downtown Vancouver, you can cross Barrad Bay by ferry in just 15 minutes).

Weather in British Columbia

The climate of British Columbia is extremely unpredictable. The Pacific Ocean and the Arctic dictate their own rules of the game – so those who are not used to weather surprises will be slightly uncomfortable with the unpredictability of temperatures and precipitation. Although it is not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter. Rain doesn’t make the air too humid and the sun too dry. Everything here is in moderation, as it should be in a fairy-tale country.

First you need to decide – for what purpose are you going to visit these places? If you go skiing among the rocky mountains, then you should wait until December. All winter and March inclusive, ski slopes are waiting for their admirers. Summer holidays are recommended to be planned from June to September.

Spa and treatment

“Miracle” – that’s what hot springs are called all over the world. The most famous of them are Albert, Canyon, Fairmont, Nakusup, Ainsworth, Halcyon and Radium. The opportunity to plunge into the hot water of the springs has always aroused the interest of tourists.

Popular hotels in British Columbia

Entertainment and attractions in British Columbia

The capital of British Columbia is Victoria. The beautiful and sunny city is located on the southeasternmost point of Vancouver Island. In addition to beautiful landscapes, Victoria boasts a rich history – many museums and art galleries will confirm this. For lovers of diving, canoeing and kayaking, cycling, there is expanse here. Silence, birds singing and oxygenated air – what else does a weary traveler need? For those wishing to travel in comfort, sea and river cruises are offered – a choice of 25 different destinations. Not everyone likes to row with oars themselves. And once in Victoria, it is imperative to visit several places so that later you do not regret the missed opportunities:

  • classic car museum
  • Fort Rodd Historic Park
  • british columbia museum
  • Butchart Gardens Leisure Park
  • the Wax Museum
  • maritime museum
  • beacon hill park city park

Also from Victoria you can get to attractions such as the Pacific Rim and Yoho reserves. In general, there are 7 national parks in British Columbia – these are huge areas of amazing places, rare animals and birds.

Since British Columbia is a fabulous country, unusual animals live here, as it should be in a fabulous country. For example, whales. In the spring, whales pass off the coast of Vancouver Island – this is an unforgettable sight. If you arm yourself with a camera with good optics, then you can take gigabytes of interesting pictures as a keepsake.

Fans of floriculture can be recommended to visit Butchart Gardens. More than a million different flowers cover the earth with a fragrant carpet. Roses, tulips, azaleas, sunken gardens – such an excursion will appeal to the guests of the city.

If your visit to British Columbia falls in October, then you can become a member of the Wine Festival – many kilometers of vineyards are cultivated, and it’s time to appreciate the work of winemakers. By the way, you will not try such a great cider anywhere else, so use the opportunity to taste this intoxicating drink.


In British Columbia, there are farms where you can make an interesting excursion that will take more than one day – the territory occupies about 5000 square meters. km. Guest ranches will give you the opportunity to be alone with nature, fill your lungs with pine-scented air and watch how they breed… no, not cows, and not geese – reindeer caribou.


Skiing has been and remains the hallmark of winter British Columbia. Here are the best ski slopes in the world. For beginners, pros and thrill-seekers – everything your soul desires. The helicopter will help tourists to reach especially high slopes.

You can also pamper yourself with a helicopter ride – if you suddenly decide to stay in a hunting lodge high in the mountains, then the only mode of transport that will burn to deliver to your destination is a helicopter. At the same time and look at the local beauty from a bird’s eye view. And high in the mountains you will be met by guides and a European level of service. On the one hand, the rest comes out wild, but on the other hand, in our time there are few people who like to cook their own food on a fire.

Many vacationers tend to visit the popular beaches of Stanley Park, the beaches of Kitsilano, Gericault, River Beach and Locarno. Yes, the bathing water there does not resemble fresh milk, but this is not the main thing, is it?

British Columbia, Canada