Boston University Review (8)

Boston University Review (8)

University: Boston University

City: Boston

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: Summer Sessions

Application process:

Few things are easier than applying for a summer session at Boston University. You simply have to follow the instructions in the very helpful sample papers from MicroEdu and you usually get your place on the course. It only becomes problematic if the course is very crowded. In this case you have to apply early. Check to see University of Melbourne. It gets a bit more complicated if you want to take courses with more than six American credits. Then you need a visa. But after a day trip to the American consulate, you should also have this in your pocket.

The course content at the School of Management and especially in the Corporate Financial Management and Statistical Decision Making courses was well chosen. The lecturers were pretty good and above all they placed a lot of value on practical examples and current economic developments – no comparison at all to the very theory-heavy lectures at German public universities. Some of the case studies were very tricky and interesting. However, it is also much more difficult than the later exam level. The exams were really very fair.

Study conditions:

The study conditions in Boston were sensationally good. There was a maximum of 25 participants per course. I was particularly impressed by the availability of the lecturers for questions. My emails were usually answered within an hour. The corporate finance professor summed it up very well: Before the lesson started, he always asked: “Where are my customers”? At Boston University you are more of a customer than a student and therefore of course have a lot more opportunities than in the German system of public universities.


First of all, the dorm is probably interesting: I lived in a dorm on Bay State Road during my stay. The location is perfect as my room was only about a 3 minute walk from the management building. However, it is to be criticized that the dorms were not air-conditioned. With temperatures of what feels like 40 degrees Celsius, that’s not so funny at night, of course.
Otherwise, the halls of residence are functional and usually very nice from the outside. What is particularly interesting about Boston is its very international flair. Many European immigrants live in Boston, but also people from all other continents. There is also quite an international flair at the university. In the summer, young people come from all over the world to study at Boston University. It’s also usually pretty easy to meet new people, since many students travel to Boston alone. If you manage your study time well, you will have enough time at the weekend to go partying at the weekend. However, if you are under the age of 21, you should not get your hopes up about getting into clubs. The ID checks are very strict.


Of course, the question here is what is meant by fun. Anyone who likes to party is in good hands in Boston. There are pretty good clubs and the drinking mentality of young American adults is always fun to watch. : -) Boston and the surrounding area also have a lot to offer culturally. A very touristy variant is simply recommended. Just get a good guidebook and check out the points of your individual interest. Worth it.

To use:

For me the benefit was quite high. If you’re not completely head over heels and are willing to spend some time in the library over the summer, you should be able to get a good grade at Boston University with less effort than at German universities. In addition, it is always good to meet a lot of new people in a short time and to make new friends. This promotes the global network. In addition, I would recommend everyone to travel alone, without local friends. In the end, it’s better to move around alone in a strange environment because you’re forced to meet new people. On the one hand you can brush up on your English and on the other hand you get to know a lot of other people.


Relatively speaking, the costs are quite high. For an undergraduate course, you pay $500 per credit. Then there are the expenses for a visa, the flight, meals, accommodation, celebrations, etc. If you don’t want to afford too much, you have to calculate 9,000 dollars for 10 credits and 6 weeks in Boston, I think. If you compare that with other European university fairies, that’s horrendous. Still, I’d say it’s money well spent. Boston is fantastically beautiful, you get to know a lot of cool people, and New York isn’t too far away either. In addition, it looks very good on the CV.


All in all, I would recommend everyone to go to Boston in the summer. In addition to the good study content and conditions, it is a very livable city.

Boston University Review (8)