Boston University Review (6)

Boston University Review (6)

University: Boston University

City: Boston

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: medicine

Study type: Summer Sessions, PhD

My decision to stay in Boston was made almost a year earlier. I knew that from the wide range of universities on offer, I knew that I had to choose Boston as there is probably no place in the world that attracts students from all over the world. And probably not just because of the top universities.
I should be right…


After I received all the forms from MicroEdu, I was a bit helpless. There was so much to fill out, the accommodation had to be chosen, the meal plan created and last but not least the course. MicroEdu helped me wonderfully with everything. No matter what stupid questions it was. I chose the Human Anatomy course at Boston University. Check to see University of Canterbury.

Since I am studying medicine in Germany and wanted to have the course recognized here, I spoke to my professor, who then agreed to having the course recognized if I passed the exams.
I advise everyone to do the same. In addition to the great experience, you can collect a bonus for your studies or, as in my case, do the course in America and do without anatomy for a semester in Germany.

Anyone who decides to do a summer school stay saves the cost of a visa.
A tourist visa is sufficient and makes things a lot easier.
You should allow enough time for planning and also take care of the vaccinations at an early stage.
Before my Human Anatomy course started, I attended a language school in the middle of Boston for 2 weeks. I can only recommend this to everyone. You settle in, get to know people and speaking English comes naturally when you finally get to the BU.
When choosing accommodation, I opted for a single apartment and got a room at Commonwealth Avenue 722.
A great house from the outside, but a bit cold and uncomfortable inside.
The room consisted of sleeping area, kitchen, office and a small dressing room.
The shock was great when I saw my new home for the first time. It was very dark and empty in the apartment.
Things like bed linen, pots, cutlery, toilet paper, towels etc. you had to get yourself.
There is a shop right next to the apartment where you can buy most things, but unfortunately it is quite expensive. I would rather recommend a large supermarket where you can get things a lot cheaper. (The money will be needed for a lot of other things : ) )
I met a lot of great people. However, most lived in the residences. There was only one bedroom and dressing room and the bathroom was shared with other students, but I would definitely choose this option next time.
Not only because it is cheaper, but also because the living atmosphere is more pleasant, the rooms are more comfortable and the hallways are friendlier.

The BU

My course took place in a building about 10 minutes away from my apartment and was divided into lecture and laboratory.
I visited the lab twice a week for 2 hours each and the lecture three times a week for 3 hours each.
So my week was well filled and we quickly realized that the course was no picnic.
To my regret I was the only international student on the course. This is a big exception, however, since most of the BU’s courses are usually full of non-Americans.
Overall, the course was very demanding and difficult. There was a lot to learn and at first glance it seemed impossible for the 6 weeks.
There were 4 exams that had to be passed.
As a little tip: Every lecturer/professor works with a specific book. People often ask to buy this book. The recommended book for my course would have eg. Cost $240.
When I asked, I was loaned one by my professor and didn’t have to buy it.
Would also recommend everyone to just ask, so you save money and don’t have to lug the fat block with you to Germany.
The campus offers a lot of possibilities, such as the ?FitRec?, a huge gym or the Warren Tower, which also houses the canteen.


The city is just beautiful. A few minutes from the university is the famous Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox. That’s why you meet a lot of people with red socks on their shirts on every corner.
There is a lot to see and explore. A tour of Harvard University or a walk along the Charles River, a trip to Cape Cod (amazing) or exploring the nightlife.
Unfortunately all bars and clubs close at 2am. So it is not uncommon for crowds of people to besiege the streets around 2 am and fight for a taxi.
It takes about 15 minutes to get to the city center from the university. The train runs until about 1 a.m.
With a bus (about 30 dollars) you have the opportunity to go to New York. The journey takes 4 hours, but it is definitely worth it. The best thing to do is find a hostel and stay to see New York at night. There are countless recreational opportunities…


Staying in Boston is definitely one of the greatest experiences of my life. Whether it’s the friendships that develop and are very intensive because of the time, the many trips and activities, learning the language or simply the insight into American student life. Each of the reasons is worth having this experience. I don’t want to miss the time.

Boston University Review (6)