Boston University Review (30)

Boston University Review (30)

University: Boston University

City: Boston

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

In the fall semester of 2014, I completed a semester abroad at Boston University and I am completely enthusiastic. The university has a very good reputation and offers many additional offers, such as a large gym with swimming pool, nutritional advice, etc. Check to see BU study abroad opportunities.


Tuition and housing are by far the most expensive. Nevertheless, you should definitely budget a few 100€ extra per month, because (apart from clothes) everything is more expensive than in Germany. Overall, I would plan a budget of at least $20,000 for the semester abroad.


Like many other Germans from my program, I lived in the ESL Townhouse. Overall, you can probably recommend it, because it is an easy way to find an apartment. You walk about 20 minutes to the university, a supermarket is quite close and the location is great. However, it is also quite expensive, you have to reckon with changing roommates and the apartment furnishings are quite old. But you already have bed linen and towels, which you would probably have to buy in other apartments.

On -campus housing is also quite expensive and some dorms are quite far from campus. The cheapest alternative is to rent a room in a shared flat. However, if you are only in Boston for one semester, this is often quite difficult, since most flat shares only offer contracts for 12 months.

Campus & City:

The campus is quite spread out and it takes a good 40 minutes to get from one end to the other, however there are fairly regular buses to get you from A to B. There are a few shops and restaurants where you can eat for under $10.

It is definitely worth arriving a few days before the start of your studies to explore Boston as a tourist. The “Freedom trail” leads you through the most important quarters of the city and shows you a bit of history. There are an incredible number of students living in Boston and accordingly there are also many clubs and bars. Also, you should definitely go to a baseball game, basketball game, and hockey game. Hockey games are also available from the BU for the smaller purse. And if the ticket to a football game is too expensive, you can go to a Harvard football game. They usually cost a maximum of $60.

About my courses:

Each course consists of around 20-35 students, so the course size is very comfortable.

Financial Concepts (by Chee)

The subject matter is very extensive, the teacher is quite incompetent and the grades are not very good either. If you want to learn the basics of accounting, you should look for another course.

Monetary and Banking Institutions

I can absolutely recommend this course. It’s easy to get good grades, but you also learn an incredible amount. The professor is very competent. The teaching content is quite extensive, but very organized and well explained.

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

I can also highly recommend this course. Even if his lectures are quite unstructured, you learn a lot about stocks and investments that actually help you. If you put in a little effort, you can get pretty good grades.

International Business Management (at C. Brodersen)

There are several courses with different professors and accordingly different requirements. If you decide to study International Business Management, I definitely recommend Mr. Brodersen’s course. The grades are quite good and it takes a lot less time than other professors. However, I didn’t learn a lot from this course.

The MET college is unfortunately only for international students and Americans who are already working and want to catch up on their degree in the evening. Unfortunately, most nationalities remain relatively among themselves. At the beginning of the semester there is an event (“Spark”) where all student organizations introduce themselves and I can recommend everyone to join a student organization there in order to meet people outside of the MET college. An alternative way of making further contacts would be to take part in one of the sports courses.

Other tips:

  • Cell phone contracts are very expensive in the US. I can recommend “Lycamobile”, but you have to order the SIM card online, which takes 3-4 days. In contrast to AT&T and Co., however, Lycamobile has contracts for less than $30.
  • Inter-city buses are quite plentiful in the Boston area. Megabus is probably the most convenient, Greyhound is very prone to delays or breakdowns and Chinatown/Go bus is the cheapest.
  • The MET college offers quite frequently courses, which are quite recommendable. They sold Red Sox tickets for $9, we could skate for free in the winter, or we had a typical Thanksgiving dinner.
  • With the APP “lyft” or “uber” you drive a little cheaper taxi!
  • Many shops have student discounts, so it’s worth asking!

Boston University Review (30)