Boston University Review (26)

Boston University Review (26)

University: Boston University

City: Boston

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: biochemistry

Study type: Summer Sessions

Why a biochemistry course at Boston University?

I’m studying medicine at my home university, so I also have biochemistry on my curriculum. Unfortunately, due to too many failed attempts, I was no longer able to complete the exam and thus the partial performance required for the biochemistry certificate at my home university. After various research, I ended up on the MicroEdu website and looked for and found a course in biochemistry with a comparable content and a final exam. The decision then fell on Boston for 3 reasons:

Exactly the course was offered here that accommodated all the necessary content in one course, ie compared to UCLA in California I only had to take and pay for one course – at UCLA I would have had to take 2 different courses – with double the costs.┬áCheck to see SUT study abroad opportunities.

  1. No language test

Boston University is one of the few universities that does not have a language test.


This historic city on the east coast – only 4 hours by bus or 1 hour by plane from the Big Apple – was and still is the most attractive American city for me!

After I had clarified with my lecturer that it could be counted as an equivalent achievement, the actual planning of the summer session began. The MicroEdu study advisor was there to help me with words and deeds, so that I was able to arrange everything necessary despite the short time (8 weeks) before the start of the summer session.


Thanks to the documents compiled by MicroEdu, the application documents were filled out quickly and all questions about the university, accommodation, insurance, entry, visa, etc. were clarified.


Since I only attended a 4-credit course, I was able to enter the USA without a visa as a tourist (for a maximum of 90 days) via the Visa Waiver Program. The ESTA application, which had to be submitted online beforehand, was also no problem and is valid for 2 years.

BU – campus

The BU is special in this regard, because about 10% of Boston’s total area is university campus and is not centrally located in one place, but runs along a large main street. Nevertheless, the various university institutes as well as all other important contact points (ISSO, Terrier Card Office, hospital, supermarkets, pharmacy, etc.) can be reached on foot in a few minutes.


I had my biochemistry course on intermediary metabolism and molecular biology with a very competent professor. Didactically proven concept and very pleasant and clear pronunciation have positively influenced learning in the very small group of just 7 participants. I was the only international participant among the Americans – but that wasn’t an obstacle. I got together with two people to form a study group and together we mastered the course. There were 2 intermediate exams and a final exam.

Accommodation Catering

In addition to a multi-bed room in the dormitory (Warren Tower), various apartments on the university campus are also available as accommodation. For the time of the summer session I stayed in an apartment with a private bathroom and kitchenette. I had originally booked a two-bed apartment, but I had the apartment to myself the entire time. Only the air conditioning was missing. Things like bed linen, pots and pans and other everyday items also had to be organized independently. The facility was functional.
Since I didn’t want to be tied to a meal plan, I usually got something to eat on the way or cooked it myself.
Unfortunately, I didn’t try breakfast in the Warren Tower until the end of the summer session and was pleasantly surprised by the selection, quality, quantity and atmosphere. And the price for such a breakfast is really a good insider tip by Boston standards.


This great city can be explored on foot, by public transport or by bike. There is a lot to see (Museum of Science, Public Garden, Freedom Trail, Quincy Market, Aquarium, Whale Watch Excursion, Skywalk Observatory, Red Sox Stadium and much more). A university fitness center is also in the immediate vicinity and can be used by full-time students free of charge and by part-time students for US$ 18 per month.

On road

There is a lot to do from Boston. We have rented a car several times and taken various trips: eg across New England or all the way up to Toronto and then on to Niagara Falls. New York is also only 1 hour by plane or 4 hours by bus from Boston and always worth a trip.


That’s the only downer – nothing going on without moss. Besides the cost of the course and accommodation, living in Boston is not exactly cheap. So plan enough coal.


For me, the Summer Session was totally worth it. Getting to know the different value of teaching, being able to have a great time in a wonderful city on the east coast and making new friendships for life have left a lasting impression on me. The efforts and experiences have paid off and I can only recommend a summer session at the BU to everyone.

Boston University Review (26)