Boston University Review (23)

Boston University Review (23)

University: Boston University

City: Boston

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Study type: Summer Sessions

I would like to say the following about the registration:
I can recommend MicroEdu to the best of my knowledge and belief, because it made the registration process much easier for me and the employees work very hard to ensure that everything runs on time. In addition, this great service is not associated with any expenses. Since I didn’t have a TOEFL test, the choice of courses was somewhat limited, but in the end I found a great course and everything worked perfectly. Conclusion: Thumbs up for MicroEdu and the relatively uncomplicated registration procedure with professional service.

About Boston in general

I’ve been to Boston before I went to study and this city is just great and perfect for studying in the USA. I have already been able to travel to several cities in the USA, including New York, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami and my summary: In my opinion Boston is the best place to study in the US! Check to see Victoria University of Wellington.

I arrived in Boston two weeks before the start of the course and I was able to find my way around easily at the airport and ask the information desk about the correct bus and subway line to my accommodation. I was in Boston for two months and had three different accommodations, which gave me a varied impression of the entire city.

The great thing about Boston in summer is the location by the sea and there are two great beaches, namely Revere and Carson Beach, which give you a holiday feeling in Boston and are also very easy to reach by subway. You should not expect beaches like on a Mediterranean island, but these beaches are definitely suitable and highly recommended for a beach and bathing pleasure in between or at the weekend to relax. The water was also pleasant for swimming and cleaner than on the Adriatic.

Boston also has a lot to offer culturally and great, publicly accessible concerts take place regularly on the Esplanade on the Charles River and admission is free. The city of Cambridge, which is directly adjacent to Boston and can be easily reached with the red subway line, also has a lot to offer. A visit to the well-known Harvard University is a must there. In downtown Boston is the spacious Boston Common – a park that invites you to linger and is the green lung of the city. I also liked going to the Quincy Market in the evening, where you can buy and eat delicacies from many countries at affordable prices in a long hall.

A visit to the Cape Cod peninsula is highly recommended, and fast ferries go to Provincetown several times a day from Boston Harbour. From these ferries you also have a fantastic view of the skyline of downtown Boston when you exit. Provincetown is a colorful tourist town, from where you can also drive to beautiful bathing bays.

A trip to New York City is also worthwhile and there are buses from the Fung Wah company, where you can travel from Boston South Station to NY and back for $30. The buses are OK and the price-performance ratio is great.

The BU is a university steeped in tradition and offers everything you would expect: excellent professors, modern teaching and learning methods, clear and unambiguous structure of the course and well thought-out syllabus, well-equipped and air-conditioned seminar rooms, numerous computers and printing facilities in the libraries, good Food in the canteen (especially the Asia corner), an impressive fitness and recreation center with an indoor pool, numerous sports halls and a huge range of fitness options. So there is far more to offer for sports fans than at Harvard University.

To the accommodation

The accommodations on campus are NOT recommended and I have also heard from other students that the catering (meal plan) is not very varied and that after two weeks one is fed up with the head. The rooms and the food at Boston University are not value for money, but of course it is very convenient if you don’t have to worry about accommodation and the immediate proximity to the faculties is of course an advantage.

I lived off-campus and although it was very complicated to organize and probably not cheaper than on campus, I would rent a room in a shared flat again or an apartment off-campus with a colleague. You can find such accommodations either on or on


Yes, a stay abroad is not cheap. Lufthansa flight cost 700 euros (the earlier you book, the cheaper), tuition fees and costs for books 1950 euros, accommodation 2000 euros (for 48 days) and I spent about 1000 euros on food. The trips to New York and Cape Cod still cost about 600 euros. I would like to add that I didn’t throw the money out the window, but I did treat myself to a few things. CONCLUSION: At least 5000 euros are to be estimated for 6 weeks “all inclusive”, for me it was a little more.

Boston University Review (23)