Boston University Review (22)

Boston University Review (22)

University: Boston University

City: Boston

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: project management

Study type: Summer Sessions

Due to my internationally oriented degree in International Marketing at the Ravensburg University of Cooperative Education, I am always extremely interested in transnational economic events. In the course of this course, I was able to consolidate and underpin my economic horizon through practical and theoretical stays abroad. For this reason, after a practical phase in Dubai and a theoretical phase in France, I also wanted to experience the American continent. I decided to study abroad in the United States of America. Check to see Vancouver Island University.

After a long search on the internet, I finally became aware of MicroEdu on the internet. Without having to search long, I found all the universities that came into question for me based on their location in America on the really well-structured homepage. Thanks to the detailed information on each university, I found all the points that were important to me right from the start, such as the reputation of the individual universities, the costs incurred for the university and the cost of living locally. Thanks to these clearly structured lists, I was able to immediately weigh the universities against each other and compare them as precisely as possible. Since MicroEdu immediately made a serious impression on me, I didn’t hesitate and got in touch with the appropriate contact person at MicroEdu relatively quickly. Promptly and without a long wait I received a helpful and extremely friendly email. My questions were always answered very specifically and clearly, which helped me enormously. Above all, submitting the application documents was made much easier for me by the existing contact with MicroEdu.¬† Exactly this relief in terms of time and bureaucracy left me room for other important projects, such as the lengthy search for suitable accommodation etc.. In addition, the support provided by MicroEdu gave me a high degree of security, which is important for me given the high tuition fees I invested was very important.

Initially, looking for an apartment in Boston was extremely difficult, as the search turned out to be complicated due to the extremely high rents in the greater Boston area. I tried my luck on various internet portals and finally found what I was looking for on the website, which is very well known in America, after more than 160 inquiries about housing in the greater Boston area. Due to the higher budget when looking for an apartment, since I shared the apartment with a German fellow student from my university in Germany, the Ravensburg University of Cooperative Education, we even found a well-located apartment in the Jamaica Plain district with public and, above all, inexpensive transport connections to the city center from Boston.

After everything was clarified in this regard and financially, my time in America could begin. After initial difficulties in a big city like Boston, I quickly settled into America and learned to love the country and the people. I felt comfortable and at home in America and my accommodation from day one and was able to settle into a good and stable environment relatively quickly. Boston is a very cultural city that scores with its direct location by the sea and the beautiful parks. The city is incredibly diverse, has a very European touch and offers an incredible number of possibilities. Boston has a fantastic city center and numerous bars, lounges, clubs and restaurants, which sweeten life in Boston from time to time while studying.

As far as Boston University is concerned, I have the following to report: At first, the university was a bit overwhelming for me, as the enormous size of Boston University was quite unfamiliar to me. The introductory event was basically very well organized and personal contact with other fellow students from Germany and the rest of the world was established immediately. All students were warmly welcomed. Unfortunately, the first lecture was not as well organized as the introductory session, as the university’s building plan was outdated and the building advertised for the “Project Management” course was no longer part of the university. However, thanks to a helpful professor, after an hour’s search with other fellow students who had the same problem, I was able to find the right classroom. The lecture was incredibly instructive for me personally. In addition to the theoretical material that we learned, we also regularly worked out various practical examples in groups. As a result, the previously acquired theoretical knowledge was anchored and a lively exchange with fellow students took place. In addition, the language qualification was expanded, which was very positive for everyone. I was thus able to expand my knowledge enormously in many areas of business administration. In addition, I quickly learned to deal with cultural differences and to accept them. The language in particular grew on me even more over the course of time than it always did anyway. I loved speaking English more and more every day and the fact that the language was ubiquitous. The American accent in particular meant that over time I felt a bit like home. I got used to it and felt more and more like a Bostanian. The city and the people have really become my home. The internet service Skype kept me in constant contact with my loved ones in Germany, so I rarely felt homesick.

The stay abroad as part of my studies was extremely enriching for my personal advancement, as well as for my professional advancement. Unfortunately, I had to realize right away that the summer session could have been longer, in my opinion. After this short time you have really settled into a country, as was the case with me. I felt the need to stay longer so that I could benefit even more from this experience abroad. Ultimately, I have to state that this stay abroad was an enormous enrichment in terms of language, expertise and culture and that I would be willing to live and work abroad at any time, even for a longer period of time.

Boston University Review (22)