Boston University Review (19)

Boston University Review (19)

University: Boston University

City: Boston

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: banking and finance

Study type: Summer Sessions

In the summer of 2017, I took part in a summer session at Boston University. I took three courses there. Two courses in the first 6 weeks; one in the second 6 weeks. I lived right on campus in a 4-bed apartment with my own room. Check to see University of Winnipeg.

The town:

Boston in the summer is beautiful. The university is located directly on the Charles River, further north you can cross it over the Massachusetts Bridge and have a great view of the skyline. Along the river, the university owns several docks that are used by both Bostonians and students to relax. The MIT and Harvard within walking distance also create a great atmosphere. The Freedom Trailone should have done; the beach isn’t stunning, but at least there is one. Nightlife is mainly in Downtown (some clubs) or Allston (many student bars). In any case, you should walk up Commonwealth Avenue in the direction of downtown to Boston Common Park. Halfway is the Prudential Center and Newbury Street (cozy shopping street).

Living on campus:

Since Boston is generally quite an expensive city, the student apartments were also of a lower standard than I would have expected for the price. Although some of the rooms offer a lot of space, the furnishings are very spartan. A twin-size bed, a chest of drawers and a desk. A kitchen was available; however, any material for cooking had to be bought by yourself (nearby there is “Bed, Bath & Beyond”). However, you usually only stay in your room to sleep anyway, because you are very busy with your studies and spend the rest of the time traveling or other leisure activities. On hot days – and there were a lot of them – without air conditioning, nothing keeps you in the apartment anyway.

The courses:

  • Corporate Financial Management at Dr. Antiono Fidalgo: The course was very good. The professor was very committed, we had a demanding workload and we learned a lot. The grading was fair. I can definitely recommend the course. We were 38 students, most of whom were full-time students who were not just there for the summer.
  • Business Strategy at Dr. Harry Costin: The course was very demanding and took a lot of time. We had to prepare two presentations almost every week. However, you took a lot with you from the course and were able to make considerable learning progress. I can strongly recommend the course, even if it means that you are limited in time. We were 16 students, about half of whom were internationals, who were only in Boston for the summer session.
  • International Business Management : The course was unfortunately less demanding. Even if the topic was quite interesting and challenging – the professor did not manage to get the students excited about the topic. The level of the course was rather mediocre. The only positive thing I can mention here is the little time it takes. We were 25 students, 24 of whom were internationals, just in Boston for the summer session. The grading was fair, it was relatively easy to get a good grade.


I hardly took advantage of the offer of the Summer Term Office. You get to know new people pretty well through the courses, so I had no real need for the offers and can’t say anything about them either. However, we treated ourselves to a RedSox game once. The famous Fenway Park is right next to the campus. Otherwise, Boston alone has a lot to offer. Outdoor theater, outdoor concerts, movie theaters, rowing on the Charles River. The range of courses offered by the university itself is particularly extensive. The Fitness & Recreational Center is said to be one of the best gyms in the countrybe. I was excited too. You can also take courses in a number of sports. In the first session, I took a tennis course that took place twice a week. I can recommend the course and I think the range of sports in general is an argument in favor of the university. Many internationals used the weekends to travel, so we tended to party during the week. I already said a few words about the nightlife above. You should know that in Boston all clubs and bars close at 2: 00 am – this is a bit unusual for us Europeans.


In order to have a little more time to travel, I only took part in one course in the second session. I was in New York, Washington, New Hampshire, Maine and Cape Cod with other internationals that I got to know on site. You can do the latter, but if you don’t have much time, I think you should head for the first four destinations mentioned. I think I don’t need to say anything about NY and DC. New Hampshire and Maine offer beautiful beaches and nature for hiking. I can highly recommend both. Overall, my time in Boston was very positive and I had an outstanding experience. The university takes good care of you and as a student you have everything you need to feel at home . through theWith a high degree of internationality, the local people are very open and enterprising. The weather was very good for 80% of the three months. The level of the university is mmn demanding, even if it’s not really difficult to get a good grade. The range of sports courses offered by the university and the city’s cultural program deserve special mention. Therefore, I can warmly recommend a summer session at Boston University.

Boston University Review (19)