Boston University Review (14)

Boston University Review (14)

University: Boston University

City: Boston

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Study type: Summer Sessions


Since I am following an English course at an international university in The Hague and have often been abroad in the past, it made sense for me to go to another country during my studies. However, it was important for me not to miss anything in my home studies and so I decided to do a summer session. I really liked the opportunity to get to know another country for 6 weeks and to combine my studies with travel. I then read about MicroEdu on the Internet and immediately thought the offer was great. After some deliberation, I chose Boston University for the course choice, as it has a very good reputation for communication. Check to see University of Sheffield.

The planning actually went more or less smoothly. I had a few delays in getting my documents from the university, but that was probably also due to the fact that I don’t live in Germany. MicroEdu helped me a lot and that made the whole preparation easier. Getting the visa wasn’t a problem at all and everything else went very smoothly.


Boston University is located almost in the center of Boston right on the river. It’s not a campus university like you often imagine from American films. It stretches along a long main street and has some small side streets. The university grounds are really huge and spacious, but I really liked it. Everything is easy to reach on foot and that keeps you fit;o) The BU Beach is a large meadow in the middle of the campus where you can lie and sit in summer to study. Wireless Lan is available almost everywhere on the site, only in the apartments you have to buy an internet cable. There are also many restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, bookstores, hairdressers, laundromats, a large gym, several libraries and much more. So everything you need is there. It’s amazing how nice and helpful people are everywhere. You can always go to the ISSO with questions or to the on-site supervisor, who also organizes some trips for the international students. If you ever need a doctor, there is also a medical center on campus and the university also has a medical campus with a hospital in the city (everything works smoothly – I know from experience;o) ). The city center can be reached in 5 minutes by public transport. there is also a medical center on campus and the university also has a medical campus with a hospital in the city (everything works smoothly – I know from experience;o) ). The city center can be reached in 5 minutes by public transport. there is also a medical center on campus and the university also has a medical campus with a hospital in the city (everything works smoothly – I know from experience;o) ). The city center can be reached in 5 minutes by public transport.
In the beginning one has to set up an e-mail account and have one’s computer connected to the network, but this is easily done with the help of the ICT desk in the library.


I took the Media and Politics in the US course at the College of Arts and Sciences. I really enjoyed this course and I can only recommend it to anyone who is interested in the connection between politics and the media world! The topics were very comprehensive and up to date. The teacher came from Romania and was still very young, a very kind and competent woman. We had 2 exams, 1 presentation and of course something to read for every lesson. Of course you have to put some effort into the course, but it certainly doesn’t overwhelm you. In addition to the important theories, topics included the role of the media in wars (Afghanistan, Iraq), in revolutions (China, Germany, Czech Republic), in election campaigns, etc. My class was very mixed, but dominated by American students.

I took my second course at the College of Communication. It was called “Writing for Mass Communication” and was given by a retired Harvard graduate professor who is one of the East Coast’s biggest PR gurus. The course was correspondingly demanding in parts. In my class there were only American students. The teacher was very tough and knew exactly what he wanted. You make 1-2 assignments per week (Letter to the Editor, Press Release, Feature, Profile, Brochure…) and after the 1st correction you have to improve and submit each one again. So it’s never good enough, although that’s how you learn the most, of course. In the end, the teacher wasn’t as strict as he was, and we all passed the course well. Whether I would recommend him or not depends entirely. If someone really wants to go later in the direction of PR, media, journalism, then such a course is certainly necessary and super helpful. Otherwise I think you can also find more fun courses;o)


I lived in an apartment on south campus. I shared the apartment with two girls but had my own room. The accommodation was great in terms of location and size. However, it is a bit silly that you have to buy everything yourself (bed linen, cutlery, towels, etc.) because you have to get rid of it after 6 weeks. I decided not to take a meal plan because I like having the freedom to eat when and what I want;o)


Boston itself is a beautiful city, right on the water with lots of parks. It hardly looks like a big city. The people are extremely friendly and most of them come from abroad themselves. It’s hard to compare to other American cities, yet it’s more European. Boston is very walkable and there is so much to see: Aquarium, Freedom Trail, Museums, Whale Watching, Zoo, Harvard, Beach, Red Sox Stadium etc. It is a very historic city with beautiful old buildings and lots of little streets. However, the nightlife is limited, since almost everything closes at 2 a.m. However, it will hardly fail when it comes to leisure activities and the university also offers many activities and sports. I am very enthusiastic about Boston and would choose this city again in a heartbeat.


If you’re ever in America, it makes sense to do a few trips. A day trip to Martha’s Vineyard was organized from the university, which is really worth seeing. Furthermore, we students made a road trip through Massachusetts (Salem, Concord, Lexington, Plymouth). On the other weekends I visited Providence, Philadelphia and Washington DC. Washington DC in particular is highly recommended. If you have time, it’s worth staying a few more weeks after university and enjoying America. I flew to New York and down to Florida with my boyfriend to do a road trip there. Some friends have also gone to Canada for the weekend or explored New England. So there’s a lot to do from Boston!


Of course, neither college nor life in Boston is very cheap, but if you save up and prepare for the few weeks, it’s well worth it! Boston really is worth every penny and you won’t regret it. It is a unique experience that you will never forget and every extra cent makes your stay all the more beautiful!


I really enjoyed my 2 1/2 months in the US and would do it again in a heartbeat. There wasn’t a single day that I doubted whether it was a good decision. If you have the financial means, you should definitely do it. It’s just great!

Boston University Review (14)