Boston University Review (11)

Boston University Review (11)

University: Boston University

City: Boston

Country: United States

Continent: North America

Field of study: International Business Administration

Study type: semester abroad

The city of Boston

First of all, I want to say that I have absolutely no regrets about my decision to go to Boston.


As an international person, it can sometimes be quite difficult to find an apartment. Some difficulties arise, especially from Germany. Since I couldn’t live on campus, I had to drive quite a long way every day. On campus housing has the advantage that you are definitely always surrounded by people. However, you have to adhere to the sometimes strict rules, otherwise there is a risk of punishment. I would advise everyone to start looking for an apartment as early as possible, friends who used a real estate agent were often more successful.┬áCheck to see University of Newcastle.


If you live on campus, a dining plan is mandatory. You can get a refund for unused points. The best dining hall is definitely West Campus Fresh Food, which has an unbelievable variety and quality for a canteen. At some point everything repeats itself.


In the clubs, the lights go on and the music turns off. Always. But since Boston has so many students, there are always flat-sharing parties somewhere. There are also many bars, especially in Cambridge or Allston. Even though curfew is annoying, there’s still a lot to be enjoyed going out in Boston. All the bigger clubs are downtown. Since Massachusetts has a strict stance on alcohol abuse, you have to be prepared not to be able to go to clubs under the age of 21, because everyone and everyone is checked all the time. The average entrance fee for clubs is around $20-30.


The courses at Boston University are more like school classes in Germany. There are about 30 students for every lecturer. There is a lot more discussion than in Germany and people sometimes ask for personal opinions, which I personally found very pleasant. However, since most of the courses are mainly with international students, it is comparatively difficult to get to know American students.
Located on the banks of the Charles River, Boston University’s campus is both beautiful and beautiful. What you definitely shouldn’t miss is an ice hockey game. Ice hockey is the hobbyhorse of the BU. In any case, you should also use the sports facilities or the university’s own fitness center.
Introduction to American Management
Was quite interesting in itself, but a bit exhausting in the long run, since we kept discussing the same companies and a lot was repeated. The insight into the economic history of the USA was the best thing about the course.

Introduction to Management
This course was very basic. The wheel is not reinvented here, but many case studies are processed, which I personally really liked because I didn’t know it like that from Germany. The lecturer also repeatedly shared additional information on current economic events.

International Business Management
I would have canceled this course if I hadn’t gotten credit for it in Germany.

American Popular Culture: History and Humor
I have never learned as much about American culture from this course as I have from this one. The course is a mix of discussion, lecture, films and excerpts from shows. Even if it was a bit difficult to understand everything at the beginning as an international student, I would say that I liked this course best of all.

Qualitative and Quantitative Decision Making
What I really liked about this course was the completely different approach to statistics. Unlike at my German university, the material is not simply presented, but explained in a clearer and more practice-oriented way. Even if the level was not nearly as high as in a comparable statistics course in Germany, I have the feeling that this course has brought me something personally.

The town

Boston is a city where you just have to feel comfortable. The cityscape is really beautiful. Anyone who claims that Boston is the most European city in the USA is probably right, but the American spirit is clearly felt. Since I came to Boston in August, we were able to spend a lot of time at the beach (only a quarter of an hour on the subway) or lying in the park. The public transport network in Boston gives no reason for complaint, but at night you have to take a taxi home, as there is no public transport after half past twelve.
Should Boston not be enough, there are buses to New York almost every half hour. The journey takes only four hours. Washington DC and Philadelphia are approximately 8 hours away.

Boston University Review (11)