Billund, Denmark

Billund, Denmark

There is a little Billund in almost every Russian family. If you or your children are familiar with LEGO bricks, then this Danish city will be your home. After all, it is here that the first opened factory of this brand and the world-famous Legoland park are located.

Billund has become the most visited tourist destination in Denmark thanks to the gathering cubes. This is what the right marketing approach means. Plastic bricks have actually become gold for the provincial municipality. After the influx of tourists, the authorities had to build an airport to accommodate large and small children.

How to get there

According to CACHEDHEALTH, Billund is located 260 kilometers from the Danish capital Copenhagen. It can be reached by car or shuttle bus (approximately 4 hours) or by train to Vejle and from there to your destination (2.5 hours).

There is an airport near the city, which most often receives low-cost airlines. Therefore, a flight within the country or from neighboring countries will not be expensive.


Small buses run along Billund, which call in neighboring cities. But moving on them is inconvenient, since movement within the municipality is limited and actually ends in Legoland. Therefore, it is best to move around the city by bike or car. If you don’t have your own, rent it. The points are open from morning until almost midnight.

Billund Hotels

In Billund, the cost of staying at a hotel jumps from 70 to 200 EUR per night. Usually tourists come to the city for a couple of days – this is enough to see all the sights. Those traveling by car can stay at the cottage with parking and barbecue facilities. An apartment or a private house will cost from 95 EUR per day. But there are few such offers – during the work of Legoland all the places are occupied.

The largest hotel in Billund is Lalandia Billund, a huge entertainment complex covering 10,000 square meters. Legoland also offers its own hotel – Hotel Legoland – and camping for those who want to live right in the park.

Cuisine and restaurants

Billund took care of the guests and prepared many restaurants where you can order dishes of local or European cuisine. Here, fish is in use – a lot of fish, which is served in different forms. For example, the menu contains sandwiches with the appropriate filling, as well as soups and seafood stews.

In addition, local residents lean on farm products – milk, vegetables, cheese, meat, fruits.

The shops

Most often, tourists in Billund are interested in toys and Lego constructors. Moreover, in every European metropolis there is a huge selection of these products. But no, it’s more fun to buy in Billund.

There is plenty of this goodness in local stores, and even more – in Legodende. Other souvenirs include china from Royal Copenhagen, Ecco shoes, jewelry, and Cottonfield and Bison clothing. In between fittings, tourists gobble up sweets and fish dishes, washed down with good Danish beer.

Unfortunately, there are no convenience stores in the city. On weekdays, everything is closed by 5 pm, and on weekends – by noon.

2 things to do in Billund

  1. Visit the hippodrome – it is clear that Legoland is the main menu item in this city. At the same time, many in vain forget about the hippodrome. Here you can take riding lessons, look at the races, chat with the horses. And it’s all plastic and plastic.
  2. Take a walk through the streets of the town – there are many places worth visiting in the old part of Billund. Just take a photo or video camera and shoot everything in a row. The houses look like fairy tales, there are gardens with flower beds all around, and heels knock on the cobblestones.

Entertainment and attractions in Billund

The main attraction of the Danish city is Legoland, a park assembled from 46 million parts. And not far from Billund is a safari park.


This amusement park is built almost entirely from Lego blocks. Its area is 100 thousand square meters. There are three more similar parks in the world – in England, Germany and the USA. But this one is the coolest.

The park is divided into several zones, each designed for children of a certain age. If you don’t come, the entrance is closed. The center of the park is the World of Miniatures, representing different parts of the globe. For example, there are the Statue of Liberty and Big Ben.

Duplo World has a driving school for children, where young visitors can learn how to drive and get a license. True, not real. In the “World of Imagination” everyone can create their own toys from parts, it all depends on the child’s imagination. There is also a 3D cinema.

“Legoredo City” is stylized as the Wild West with the appropriate rides. “Land of Pirates” – for travelers who are ready to search for treasures and fight robbers.

Finally, two more zones – the Kingdom of Knights and the World of Adventures – are designed for older children. The authors have come up with many entertaining attractions – from water to cable cars and roller coasters.

Well, Lego City is a real city with its own life. It has its own factories, factories, fire station and police. A real city created from the details of the designer.

Legoland is open from the last Saturday of March to the last Sunday of October. Admission for one day is DKK 299 for adults and DKK 199 for children.

Safari Park

The Givskud Zoo is located 35 kilometers from Billund. Tigers, lions, rhinoceros, lemurs, monkeys, elephants live here – in general, there is no one here. Animals do not suffer in enclosures, but roam freely over a large area. True, no one lets them outside the park.

This freedom implies special security measures: tourists can only move around the park by car and only if accompanied by Givskud Zoo employees.

Billund, Denmark