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Wyoming is located in the western United States and is bordered by Montana to the north, Idaho to the west, Utah to the southwest, Colorado to the south, and Nebraska and South Dakota to the east. The capital of Wyoming is Cheyenne. It is known for its vast open spaces and iconic wildlife such as antelope, bison, elk, moose, and grizzly bears. It also has some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the country with six national parks and many other protected areas. Wyoming is also home to Yellowstone National Park—the nation’s first national park—and Grand Teton National Park.

List of Top Colleges in the State of Wyoming

Are you planning to attend a Wyoming college? Then, you have come to the right place! We have carefully reviewed each of 4-year colleges and universities in the state of Wyoming and the following are the top-ranked public and private programs listed in alphabetical order. You can keep reading to see best WY colleges. Please note that you will be directed to a different website.

The harmonizing of Wyoming’s special characteristics – a rich natural and human history, abundant wildlife, relatively few people have created a culture unique to the state. Recreational opportunities are varied and extensive. They include hiking, canoeing, sightseeing, camping, boating, fossil hunting, museum, musical concerts, theatrical performances, shopping and many more. Unlike the rush hour lifestyles prevalent in crowded cities, Wyomingites generally enjoy a little slower, simpler pace, taking more time to appreciate the world around them. Yet they keep in step with the modern world using all the same technology available in more populated areas – email, fax, Internet, satellite communications and others.

Wyoming’s rural atmosphere contributes to the friendliness of its people. Cultures from around the world are valued and celebrated, both in formal festivities and in everyday life. International students tell us they feel very safe in our small, friendly communities. The state’s community colleges are among its most prized resources. Dedicated to teaching, they feature small class sizes with professors whose primary interest is teaching. This means students benefit from more individualized tutoring and counseling. Teachers often spend many out-of-class hours with their students in social, educational and travel settings.

Wyoming’s community colleges are different from those found in most other states. In addition to technical and career programs designed to provide job skills and enhance employment opportunities, the colleges offer classes that fulfill the first two years of four-year baccalaureate programs. Credits earned in Wyoming transfer to universities all over the United States. Some students stay to earn their baccalaureate or master’s degrees through the university programs offered onsite at Wyoming community colleges. Students can choose from two-year programs as varied as automotive mechanics, equine studies, industrial maintenance, nursing, office management, photography, respiratory therapy, travel and tourism and many others. Or they can enroll in the first two years of a transfer program in majors such as anthropology, business, engineering, psychology, science and the arts and many more. Many of the colleges also offer English as a Second Language Courses. These classes help non-English speaking students to improve the skills necessary to succeed in college-level coursework.

One of the important features of Wyoming community colleges that appeal to international students is our affordable cost – total cost for one year at our community colleges is less than $8,000. This includes tuition and fees, books, room and board. Such a low cost is possible because these institutions receive funding support from the State of Wyoming. Quality education is very important to us and the state provides funding to ensure that students enrolled in Wyoming colleges get the best available. In addition, Wyomingites also enjoy a low cost of living compared to other places in America.

Wyoming’s community colleges play an integral part in the state’s educational, social and cultural network. Students from other countries usually become surprisingly involved in local communities when they attend college in Wyoming. They often find themselves invited to share their native cultures and traditions with enthusiastic audiences in public schools, individual homes and other settings. They are able to experience the American culture in a very personal way. Friendship programs also make it easier for international students to meet new friends in Wyoming.

Community and campus interaction provides many opportunities for working on and improving English language skills. Casper College, Northwest College and Western Wyoming Community College all accept relatively low 500 TOEFL scores because we know that English skills quickly improve in settings that feature strong community connections, small class sizes and personal attention. Many international students who attend colleges in Wyoming often travel to metropolitan spots during school recesses to catch up on the excitement of the big city. But when spring break or the Christmas recess is over, they’re usually anxious to return to Wyoming where they feel safe in a small town setting and appreciated by the people who live there. Each individual has much to contribute in a state where the biggest city has only 50,000 residents. You can make a difference in Wyoming. Join us for a quality educational experience and daily opportunities to get personally involved in American life.

Below we list all universities in the state of Wyoming.

Founded: 1886
Location: Corner of Ninth and Ivinson, Laramie, WY 82071
Telephone: 1-307-766-1121
Tuition: $5,055 (2016)
Acceptance Rate: 96% (2015)
Total Enrollment: 12,450

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Wyoming Top Universities