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Best Colleges and Universities in Kentucky

Kentucky is located in the east-central region of the United States, bordered by Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee and Missouri. Kentucky is known for its bluegrass music, horse racing and bourbon whiskey. It is also home to several national parks and forests including Mammoth Cave National Park, Daniel Boone National Forest and Red River Gorge Geological Area. The state capital is Frankfort.

List of Top Colleges in the State of Kentucky

Are you planning to attend a Kentucky college? Then, you have come to the right place! We have carefully reviewed each of 4-year colleges and universities in the state of Kentucky and the following are the top-ranked public and private programs listed in alphabetical order. You can keep reading to see best KY colleges. Please note that you will be directed to a different website.

Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University is a regional, coeducational, public postsecondary institution offering general and liberal arts programs, pre-professional and professional training in education and various other fields at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. EKU is located in Richmond, Kentucky.

Kentucky State University

Kentucky State University is the smallest of Kentucky’s public universities and features the most culturally diverse student body and faculty in the state. KSU’s associate and baccalaureate degree programs are oriented toward liberal studies and selected career opportunities related to state government services. Selected master’s degree programs are also offered based on demonstrated needs.

Kentucky Community and Technical College System

The 16 districts of KCTCS unite 28 community and technical colleges encompassing 50 campuses across Kentucky into one seamless system. While each college retains its unique identity, the KCTCS allows for consolidation of functions, programs, and services to more effectively meet the needs of Kentucky students and communities.

Kentucky Virtual University

Morehead State University

Morehead State University offers degree programs that are available on the two-year, four-year and graduate levels. The University is composed of four colleges concentrating in humanities, business, education, and science and technology. The University is located in Rowan County, Kentucky on Interstate 64.

Murray State University

Murray State University is composed of five academic colleges and a school of agriculture on its main campus with five regional campuses across the state. Murray University offers associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs through its colleges of business and public affairs, education, health sciences and human services, humanities and fine arts, and science, engineering and technology as well its the school of agriculture.

Northern Kentucky University

Northern Kentucky University offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in five colleges including arts and sciences, business, education, law and professional studies. NKU is located five minutes from downtown Cincinnati in northern Kentucky.

University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs through its 11 colleges, 6 professional schools and graduate school. The University of Kentucky is located in Lexington, Kentucky and is the largest Kentucky postsecondary institution.

University of Louisville

The University of Louisville offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs through eleven schools and colleges located across three campuses. The University of Louisville is located in Louisville, Kentucky, the state’s largest metropolitan area.

Western Kentucky University

Western Kentucky University offers associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs through five colleges. WKU also offers a Specialist degree in Education through a cooperative doctoral program with the University of Louisville. Western Kentucky University is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Below we list all universities in the state of Kentucky.

  • Alice Lloyd College (KY)

Founded: 1923
Location: 100 Purpose Rd, Pippa Passes, KY 41844
Tuition: $10,980 (2014)
Acceptance Rate: 36.17% (2014)
Total Enrollment: 599

  • Asbury University (KY)

Founded: 1890
Slogan: “Learning and Religion”
Location: 1 Macklem Dr, Wilmore, KY 40390
Tuition: $27,934 (2015)
Acceptance Rate: 57% (2015)
Total Enrollment: 1,915

  • Bellarmine University (KY)

Founded: 1950
Slogan: “In the Love of Truth”
Location: 2001 Newburg Rd, Louisville, KY 40205
Tuition: $39,350 (2016)
Acceptance Rate: 84% (2015)
Total Enrollment: 3,973

  • Berea College (KY)

Founded: 1855
Slogan: “God has made of one blood all peoples of the earth.”
Location: 101 Chestnut Street, Berea, KY 40404
Telephone: 1-859-985-3145
Tuition: $24,270 (2014)
Acceptance Rate: 37% (2015)
Total Enrollment: 1,643

  • Brescia University (KY)

Founded: 1925
Location: 717 Frederica St, Owensboro, KY 42301
Tuition: $19,990 (2014)
Acceptance Rate: 49.27% (2014)
Total Enrollment: 1,298

  • Campbellsville University (KY)

Founded: 1906
Location: 1 University Dr, Campbellsville, KY 42718
Tuition: $25,400 (2019)
Acceptance Rate: 70.060005% (2019)
Total Enrollment: 12,209

  • Centre College (KY)
  • Clear Creek Baptist Bible College (KY)

Founded: 1926
Location: 300 Clear Creek Rd, Pineville, KY 40977
Tuition: $9,620 (2019)

  • Eastern Kentucky University (KY)

Founded: 1874
Slogan: “Where Students and Learning Come First”
Location: 521 Lancaster Ave, Richmond, KY 40475
Tuition: $9,806 (2021)
Acceptance Rate: 87.0% (2020)
Total Enrollment: 15,816

  • Georgetown College (KY)

Founded: 1829
Slogan: “[Learning] promotes one’s innate power – from Horace, Ode 4.4”
Location: 400 East College Street, Georgetown, KY 40324
Telephone: 1-502-863-8000
Tuition: $39,810 (2019)
Acceptance Rate: 63.0% (2021)
Total Enrollment: 1,517

  • Kentucky Christian University (KY)

Founded: 1919
Location: 100 Academic Pkwy, Grayson, KY 41143
Tuition: $20,596 (2019)
Acceptance Rate: 40.0% (2020)
Total Enrollment: 700

  • Kentucky State University (KY)

Founded: 1886
Slogan: “Onward, Upward.”
Location: 400 East Main Street, Frankfort, KY 40601
Tuition: $9,190 (2020)
Acceptance Rate: 45.0% (2020)
Total Enrollment: 2,220

  • Kentucky Wesleyan College (KY)

Founded: 1858
Slogan: “Find Yourself”
Location: 3000 Frederica Street, Owensboro, KY 42301
Tuition: $27,200 (2019)
Acceptance Rate: 64.0% (2020)
Total Enrollment: 785

  • Lindsey Wilson College (KY)

Founded: 1903
Slogan: “Every Student, Every Day”
Location: 210 Lindsey Wilson St, Columbia, KY 42728
Tuition: $25,350 (2019)
Total Enrollment: 2,590

  • Mid-Continent University (KY)

Founded: 1949
Slogan: “Building Effective Leaders”

  • Midway College (KY)

Founded: 1847
Slogan: “Ama Vicinum Acte”
Location: 512 E. Stephens St, Midway, KY 40347
Tuition: $24,850 (2019)
Acceptance Rate: 60.0% (2021)
Total Enrollment: 1,702

  • Morehead State University (KY)

Founded: 1887
Slogan: “Light”
Location: University Blvd, Morehead, KY 40351
Tuition: $9,290 (2019)
Acceptance Rate: 77.600006% (2019)
Total Enrollment: 10,261

  • Murray State University (KY)
  • Northern Kentucky University (KY)

Founded: 1968
Location: Nunn Drive, Highland Heights, KY 41099
Tuition: $10,296 (2019)
Acceptance Rate: 90.380005% (2017)
Total Enrollment: 14,566

  • Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (KY)

Founded: 1859
Slogan: “For the truth. For the church. For the world. For the glory of God”
Location: 2825 Lexington Rd, Louisville, KY 40280
Tuition: $20,796 (2019)
Acceptance Rate: 78.11% (2017)
Total Enrollment: 5,489

  • Spalding University (KY)

Founded: 1814
Location: 901 S Fourth Street, Louisville, KY 40203
Tuition: $25,200 (2019)
Acceptance Rate: 58.99% (2017)
Total Enrollment: 2,322

  • St. Catharine College (KY)

Founded: 1931

  • Sullivan University (KY)

Founded: 1962
Slogan: “Kentucky’s Career University”
Location: 3101 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40205
Tuition: $12,870 (2019)
Total Enrollment: 2,700

  • Thomas More College (KY)

Founded: 1978
Slogan: “Charity rejoices in the truth”
Location: 6 Manchester St, Merrimack, NH 03054
Tuition: $21,600 (2019)
Acceptance Rate: 100.0% (2021)
Total Enrollment: 90

  • Transylvania University (KY)

Founded: 1780
Slogan: “In That Light, We Pass on the Light”
Location: 300 N Broadway, Lexington, KY 40508
Telephone: 1-859-233-8300
Tuition: $40,210 (2019)
Acceptance Rate: 88.810005% (2018)
Total Enrollment: 963

  • Union College (KY)

Founded: 1795
Slogan: “Under the laws of Minerva, we all become brothers and sisters”
Location: 807 Union St, Schenectady, NY 12308
Tuition: $57,324 (2019)
Acceptance Rate: 42.92% (2019)

  • University of Kentucky (KY)

Founded: 1865
Slogan: “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”
Location: South Limestone, Lexington, KY 40506
Telephone: 1-859-257-3595
Tuition: $12,360 (2019)
Acceptance Rate: 95.850006% (2019)
Total Enrollment: 30,546

  • University of Louisville (KY)

Founded: April 3, 1798
Location: 2301 S 3rd St, Louisville, KY 40292
Tuition: $12,458 (2019)
Acceptance Rate: 75.3% (2017)
Total Enrollment: 21,430

  • University of Pikeville (KY)

Founded: 1889
Slogan: “The Leading University of Central Appalachia”
Location: 147 Sycamore St, Pikeville, KY 41501
Tuition: $21,550 (2019)
Acceptance Rate: 100.0% (2017)
Total Enrollment: 2,366

  • University of the Cumberlands (KY)
  • Western Kentucky University (KY)

Founded: 1906
Slogan: “The Spirit makes the Master”
Location: 1906 College Heights Blvd, Bowling Green, KY 42101
Telephone: 1-270-745-0111
Tuition: $10,802 (2019)
Acceptance Rate: 97.0% (2021)
Total Enrollment: 20,277

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