Anacoco, Louisiana

Anacoco, Louisiana Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Anacoco, Louisiana is a small town located in Vernon Parish. It is bordered by many other cities and towns, providing a wide variety of attractions, activities, and services for its residents.

To the east of Anacoco lies the larger city of Leesville. This city offers numerous recreational activities such as golf courses, parks, and hiking trails. There are also several museums and historic sites to explore such as the Fort Polk Military Museum and the Vernon County Museum.

To the south of Anacoco is the town of Hornbeck. This small community has a rich history that dates back to 1809 and is home to many historical buildings including churches and homes from the 1800s. Hornbeck also offers visitors a variety of outdoor activities including fishing, hunting, camping, boating, swimming, and more.

The city of DeRidder can be found to the west of Anacoco. This city has plenty to offer with its shopping centers, restaurants, parks, museums, art galleries, theaters, concerts venues and more. It also serves as an excellent starting point for exploring other nearby communities such as Slagle or Evansville which are both located just outside of DeRidder’s city limits.

To the north lies Pitkin which is well known for its unique culture and traditions due to its close proximity to Cajun Country in Louisiana’s southern region. Pitkin offers visitors an opportunity to explore its vibrant culture through festivals held throughout the year such as Mardi Gras celebrations or Crawfish Boils during summer months.

Overall, Anacoco provides easy access to a wide range of attractions within these bordering cities and towns making it an ideal place for those looking for an exciting adventure or simply seeking a quiet place to relax!

Population of Anacoco, Louisiana

Anacoco, Louisiana is a small town located in Vernon Parish. According to the 2010 census, the population of Anacoco was just over 1,300 people. Of these individuals, 64.9% identified as White, 32.2% African American, 0.2% Native American and 2.7% identified with other races or two or more races combined.

The median age of Anacoco’s population is 36 years old and the town has a relatively low unemployment rate at 3%. The median household income for Anacoco is $33,846 which is lower than the national average but still higher than the statewide average for Louisiana.

The majority of Anacoco’s residents are homeowners with 65% owning their own home while 35% rent their residence. The town also has a large percentage of married couples at 55%, while single individuals make up 45%.

Educationally, Anacoco’s population is fairly well educated with 26% having obtained a Bachelor’s degree or higher and an additional 27% having some college experience but no degree. The remaining 47% have either completed high school or obtained a GED certificate only.

Overall, Anacoco’s population consists mostly of young families who are attracted to its low cost of living and access to recreational activities and cultural attractions in nearby cities such as Leesville and DeRidder.

Schools and Education in Anacoco, Louisiana

Anacoco, Louisiana is served by the Vernon Parish School District. Within Anacoco there are two public schools, Anacoco Elementary School and Anacoco High School. The elementary school offers educational services from pre-k through 5th grade while the high school provides education for grades 6-12. Check usprivateschoolsfinder for Louisiana private schools by county.

At Anacoco Elementary School, students are provided with a rigorous academic program that encourages critical thinking and problem solving. The school also offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports, visual and performing arts, and clubs to help foster student growth in all areas of development.

Anacoco High School provides its students with a comprehensive curriculum that includes core academic courses such as English, Math, Science and Social Studies as well as electives in the areas of Business Education, Technology Education, Art Education and Physical Education. Additionally, the school offers Advanced Placement courses in a variety of subjects such as English Literature and Composition, US History and Biology.

The high school also provides students with numerous extracurricular opportunities including sports teams in baseball, basketball and softball; student organizations such as National Honor Society; music programs; drama productions; cheerleading squad; robotics team; debate team; yearbook staff; art club; Spanish club; French club and more!

In addition to the public schools within Anacoco itself there are numerous private schools located nearby in surrounding cities like DeRidder or Leesville which offer additional educational opportunities for those interested in pursuing higher education or specialized studies not offered at the public schools.

Anacoco, Louisiana

Places of Interest in Anacoco, Louisiana

Anacoco, Louisiana is a small town located in Vernon Parish and offers visitors a variety of attractions and places to explore. From outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking to cultural attractions like museums and historical sites, Anacoco has something for everyone.

For those looking to get outdoors there are several parks located in the area including Anacoco Lake Park which offers a wide range of recreational activities such as fishing, boating, swimming, hiking trails and picnic areas. Additionally, there are several hiking trails located in the nearby Kisatchie National Forest which feature some of the most beautiful views in the area.

For those looking for more cultural attractions Anacoco has a few museums such as the Vernon Parish Museum which features artifacts from local history as well as exhibits on Native American culture. The museum also offers educational programs that focus on local history and culture. Additionally, there is an art gallery located in town that showcases works from local artists.

Anacoco also has some historical sites worth visiting such as the Fort Polk Military Reservation which is home to a number of monuments dedicated to soldiers from World War I and II; The Old Anacoco Town Hall; The Old Anacoco Schoolhouse; The Old Courthouse; And The Old Post Office Building all of which provide insight into the town’s past.

Finally, for those looking for more modern attractions Anacoco boasts several restaurants offering cuisine from around the world including Italian, Mexican, Chinese and Japanese food. Additionally, there are several shops offering souvenirs related to local history or unique gifts that can be found nowhere else!