Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada

One of the most interesting places for tourism in Canada is the western province of Alberta. It was named after Queen Victoria’s daughter Louise Caroline Alberta. For tourists here expanse: wild forests, clean rivers and rocky mountains. Hares and ducks, squirrels and moose, carefully protected by the state, feel so safe that they are not afraid to go out into cities and towns to beg for treats.

The province’s largest city is Calgary, and Edmonton is the capital. Top must-sees: Banff and Jasper, Drumeller and Dinosaur Museum.

Weather in Alberta

According to eningbo, Alberta has a dry continental climate. Winters are cold and summers are warm, this should be taken into account when choosing clothes that you will take with you on the road, because winter frosts here sometimes reach 51 degrees, but this only applies to the northern point of the province. But summer is not far behind – in the south of Alberta, the temperature can rise to 40 degrees!


Steaks are one of the typical Canadian dishes. Fish or meat, it doesn’t matter. And don’t forget to choose puree soup for the first meal – this is another of the typical dishes of the average Canadian. And, of course, maple syrup! Almost no dessert is complete without it. The syrup is extracted from Canadian maple, thickening it without any aromatic and flavoring additives. Pancakes, buns, ham, muffins – such a number of dishes with the addition of maple syrup can only be found here. And you definitely need to finish your meal with a bottle of the freshest beer. Because without beer, the whole Canadian meal loses its meaning. See ask4beauty for North America history.

“Real Canadian food must be fried in fat. Or sprinkled with sugar. It’s better to have both together.”

Will and Ian Ferguson “How to be Canadian”

Entertainment and attractions of Albreta

Calgary, which was voted the cleanest city in the world in 2007. Every year, the equestrian festival is held here – an unusually spectacular event, which attracts about one and a half million visitors. Many parks, places for recreation and sports, everyone can find something to their liking.

The world famous Jasper, which is under the protection of UNESCO, is recognized as the largest park of the Rocky Mountains. This is a world of beauty and magic – mother-of-pearl radiance of ice, transparent lakes with cheerful fish, canyons and peaks covered with snow, dense forests and living creatures inhabiting them.

Another of the most famous places in Alberta is the oldest park Banff, which is one of the most visited in the world. This place is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Fund. In the center of the park is the city of Banff, where there are comfortable hotels, recreation centers, shops, cafes and restaurants for those who come to visit this beautiful place. Thermal baths for those who want to improve their health and regain youth are located right in the open air, because Alberta is famous for its hot springs. In addition to beautiful landscapes, Banff Park is one of the best ski resorts.

Drumeller is a barren land with a collection of gorges, hills, hardened lava, and age canyons. 13 thousand years. And by the way, the remains of more than 150 dinosaurs have been found in these places. Absolutely fantastic views of this land give the impression that you have been transported back several eras. Orange, pink, purple, purple – all these colors, replacing each other, confirm the unreality of what is happening. And the ancient animals found here are included in the expositions of the most famous museums in the world. Most, of course, are on display at the Royal Tyrrell Paleontological Museum, located in the heart of the badlands.

Alberta, Canada