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IT Management Degrees

IT Management Degrees
Information Technology (or IT) management merges computer technical expertise with business management. This type of management in a business includes managing computer assets, such as computer hardware, systems and personnel, as well as the basic management functions such as budgeting, organizing and staffing issues.

Associate Degree

An associate's degree in IT management is available at educational facilities such as technical schools, community colleges or four-year colleges. This IT management Training usually takes two years to complete, but can be completed as soon as 12 to 18 months on an accelerated technical school. IT management graduate will work in a corporate environment at an entry-level position in technical support, office administration or customer service.

Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor's degree in IT management is the most common form of IT management degree. This degree takes four years to complete at a college or University offers this program. Courses can be taken online or via a traditional school, where the students participating campus classes. Most colleges and universities offer this IT management education with many online or distance learning colleges offers the degree economically active students. Virginia College has a bachelor's degree in management of information systems, which is the same as the IT management degree and DeVry has bachelor degrees in various types of IT management, such as health information systems, system analysis and technical management of criminal justice environment.

Master's Degree Program

A master's degree in IT management is a graduate program offered at a University. This type of IT management degree requires a related bachelor's degree as a prerequisite and generally take two years to complete. Upon completion of this degree, the individual usually works as a supervisor in the office administration, project manager or monitor the technological operations of a company. The coursework includes not only advance programming of computers, but also business management courses, which provides students with the necessary skills to run a Department.

Doctoral Degree

Doctoral degree in IT management is the leading degree for IT managers. To complete this degree, students must possess a bachelor's and master's degree. The program usually takes two years to complete. Most people with this degree to work as managers in companies, such as Vice-Presidents of the operation, management or production. The degree is also used as a springboard to become a qualified professor at a college or university.

IT Management Degrees

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