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European Best Colleges and Universities

The European continent was the scene of great revolutions and human achievements, so the culture in Europe has a great prominence.

Europe, according to the physical aspects and its geological formation, is considered by many scientists as a continent that corresponds to a peninsula of Eurasia. This means the union of Asia and Europe itself,is  located in the northern hemisphere. Europe is constituted as a continent due to historical events, because in this territory there were the main cultural, political and economic dispersions, which expanded its influence at an international level.

For a characterization of the main events that occurred in Europe, it is possible to highlight, mainly, colonialism, imperialist expansion, the Roman and Greek civilizations, the Renaissance, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution and the emergence of the first economic block in the world. From the examples cited, it is clear to realize that Europe was and still is the stage of great human achievements.

The cultural separation occurred from two sides: on one side is the Roman and Greek civilization, both representatives of the Europe;  the other side is the Asian, Arab, Hindu and Chinese representatives. This was a cultural separation and there is not so much physical value, because what was taken into account were the cultural, religious and economic disparities, unique to each group.

Today, with the advanced stage of globalization, the West has promoted great influence in the East, something that rarely happened in the 19th century. Despite the immense distribution of culture and knowledge from Europe to the world, really those who emerged from culture to both continents all left the East, for example, Christianity.

European dominance in the world began during the 15th and 16th centuries, through the search for the expansion of its territory. This was possible through the great navigation, in which it was necessary to extract wealth in other continents to supply the needs of the market in constant expansion, as the number of the population grew. Because they developed the political and cultural aspects internally, they managed to establish dominion over other peoples, as they had knowledge in science, military strategy and technologies.

It was precisely at this moment in history that the expressions “civilized” and “wild” were created. These denominations had the main purpose of differentiating the Greco-Roman culture, also called classic and Europeanized civilizations. However, this distinction between two groups can now be identified. Just look at the group of richest countries in the world, except the United States and Japan, all are European.

In the European conception, the rest of the world is limited to a “bed” of economic, environmental and social exploitation, labor and the consumer market. The great western European metropolises present works with a large amount of gold and silver, acquired at the expense of the work of slaves and natives from the exploitation of the colonies. Today there is a great fortune in precious stones kept in financial institutions.

Currently, the European Union represents an offensive existence against American hegemony that has lasted since the decline of socialism led by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics which was ever the only one to face the USA.

Are you planning to attend an European college? Then, you have come to the right place! We have carefully reviewed each of 4-year colleges and universities in the continent of Europe and the following are the top 50 public and private programs listed by rank scores. The following colleges and universities in France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and other countries in Europe (refer to for a full list of European nations) have been many times ranked by education experts based on their academic excellence and employment statistics. Please note that all universities were reviewed yearly based on their academic reputations, research ability and graduate performance.

Best Colleges in Europe

#1. University of Oxford - United Kingdom Oxford
#2. University of Cambridge - United Kingdom Cambridge
#3. Imperial College London - United Kingdom London
#4. University College London - United Kingdom London
#5. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich - Switzerland Zurich
#6. University of Edinburgh - United Kingdom Edinburgh, Scotland
#7. University of Copenhagen - Denmark Copenhagen
#8. King's College London - United Kingdom London
#8. Sorbonne Universite - France Paris
#10. University of Amsterdam - Netherlands Amsterdam
#11. University of Munich - Germany Munich
#12. École Polytechnique Federale of Lausanne - Switzerland Lausanne
#13. Karolinska Institute - Sweden Stockholm
#14. Utrecht University - Netherlands Utrecht
#15. Catholic University of Leuven - Belgium Leuven
#15. Heidelberg University - Germany Heidelberg
#17. University of Zurich - Switzerland Zürich
#18. University of Manchester - United Kingdom Manchester
#19. Universite Sorbonne Paris Cite-USPC (ComUE) - France Paris
#20. Erasmus University Rotterdam - Netherlands Rotterdam
#21. Technical University of Munich - Germany Munich
#22. Wageningen University and Research Center - Netherlands Wageningen
#23. University of Bristol - United Kingdom Bristol
#24. PSL Research University Paris (ComUE) - France Paris
#24. VU University Amsterdam - Netherlands Amsterdam
#26. Ghent University - Belgium Gent
#26. University of Helsinki - Finland Helsinki
#28. Leiden University - Netherlands Leiden
#28. University of Glasgow - United Kingdom Glasgow, Scotland
#30. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Germany Berlin
#30. Lund University - Sweden Lund
#30. University of Oslo - Norway Oslo
#33. University of Geneva - Switzerland Geneva
#33. University of Southampton - United Kingdom Southampton
#35. University of Birmingham - United Kingdom Birmingham
#35. University of Groningen - Netherlands Groningen
#37. University of Barcelona - Spain Barcelona
#38. Uppsala University - Sweden Uppsala
#39. Radboud University Nijmegen - Netherlands Nijmegen
#40. Aarhus University - Denmark Aarhus C
#40. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine - United Kingdom London
#40. University of Bonn - Germany Bonn
#43. University of Bern - Switzerland Bern
#44. Stockholm University - Sweden Stockholm
#45. University of Bologna - Italy Bologna
#45. University of Padua - Italy Padua
#47. Université Paris-Sud - France Orsay
#48. Queen Mary, University of London - United Kingdom London
#48. Sapienza University of Rome - Italy Rome
#50. Freie Universität Berlin - Germany Berlin

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European Best Colleges and Universities

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