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In Brunei, education is compulsory and free of charge for 12 years from the age of five. Virtually all adult citizens can read and write. Nine out of ten children start first grade and eight out of ten go on to high school after the first six years.

The schools are divided according to the three official languages ​​of Malay, English and Chinese. While the Malay and English schools are state, they are Chinese private schools that do not receive state subsidies. From elementary school upwards, a large part of the teaching takes place in English.

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All religious teaching is controlled by the state school system. Since 2013, Islamic education is compulsory for all Muslim children between the ages of 7 and 15. Muslim parents who do not ensure that their children receive Islamic education are fined.

There are a handful of universities in Brunei. Many also study abroad at the expense of the state.

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