ZTE V9: the Cheap Competitor of Galaxy 7

Well, when I wrote this article the price difference between the Chinese and Korean tablets was 375 reais. But the two companies lowered their prices. Check it:

ZTE V9: the Cheap Competitor of Galaxy 7

ZTE is a Chinese company famous for putting cheap Android phones.The goal now is to expand this strategy.

The ZTE V9, like the Galaxy, is a 7-inch tablet.In fact, he borrows much of the Galaxy’s design and features as well from the Galaxy.

The aluminum chassis seems to be well built with good quality materials, but the early prototypes showed some flaws in the seams.Process that can be fixed.

On the front, just below the screen, there are three touch-sensitive buttons to control the Android interface.And a 3.2 megapixel camera on the back.

Fewer features

While the Galaxy 7 ‘runs Android 2.2 Froyo, ZTE runs Android 2.1.

Not supporting the latest version of Android 3.0, Honeycomb, may not be a major flaw for a “low-cost” tablet.

If we make a comparison with other versions until it is an evolution, since you can run Flash 10.1 and have access to thousands of applications from the Android store.

Not using Android 3.0 may also have an explanation:it requires more processor power.

And the ZTE comes with a single core 600MHz processor (just like the Galaxy).That is, it is not a dual core.

This does not mean that it is slow, but a “catch” might occur on the “heavier” tasks.

Other than that, the Chinese tablet has lower processor capacity (slower speed) and lower storage capacity (4GB, versus Galaxy’s 16GB).

Price can be an attractive, but should be lower

You can find the ZTE V9 for  (999 reais at Magazine Luiza in August).

The most important price of the Galaxy 7 ‘is 1,572 reais (in sight at FastShop).

ZTE is also marketed by Vivo for 129.80 reais per month in its “Vivo Internet Brazil 150MB” plan.

If all federal and state government taxes are reduced as promised, their price will be around 600 reais.

Samsung counterattacks

There is no data on sales of the two products, but ZTE has, by the way, “stolen” a chunk of the market, hitherto dominated by the competitor.

Thus, Samsung decided to launch a more “naked” model, without 3G connection and digital tv.The price?999 reaisRead here.

Company to build tablets in Brazil

ZTE has already announced an investment of 350 million reais in a plant in Hortolândia, in the interior of São Paulo.

It will initially produce the V9 model and perhaps a new world model.

The goal is to sell 150,000 units per year and the start date of production is still undefined (probably at the end of the year).