YouTube Alternative for Windows Phone

The alternatives are there, and with YouTube to Windows Phone may very well also be better alternative, try the Underground Tube.

YouTube is the world’s largest video service on the Web and with good reason. The videos can be played on pretty much all platforms there are.

On some platforms serve the official application better on than others, on Windows Phone, however, there is not any.

Therefore, Microsoft has chosen to develop an application with the name YouTube to the platform.

But it is not a “native” application, as, for example, is known from iOS and Android. YouTube to Windows Phone opens just YouTube in a browser window.

On the other hand, so is there another solution called Metro Tube, developed by Lazyworm Applications, there has developed a YouTube application that operate in many areas similar to the to Android and iOS.

By underground Tube, you can view your subscriptions, your uploaded videos, comment, search and view content, and much more.

You can download Metro Tube free here in the marketplace, where it was named the best YouTube applications and have got 4.5 stars.