You like a Smartwatch with Android Wear? Perhaps Your Mobile No Is Compatible

With the arrival of Google Play devices paragraph the smartwatches LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, the chance to be with a device with Android Wear It is a couple of clicks with your mouse or touch screen. Now, are you inside that little 24% have a smartphone with a version of Android that is compatible?

In an article published earlier this month in which we analyzed the market share of the various versions of Android we saw that most is still at version 4.1. X, while versions 4.3. x and 4.4. x only they were at 24% of approximately.

As you assume, Android Wear you need version 4.3 Android or 4.4 on your device to operate so perhaps the idea of buying a smartwatch may not be the most successful if you don’t have an up-to-date Smartphone. Little by little this 24% of compatible phones will grow, but the growth will be gradual.

If the sales of Android Wear devices are not expected this may be a possible reason, since that 24% remains to be seen how many are willing to pay 199 euros by a smartwatch. If you are lucky to have an updated terminal but the economic issue you not just convince you can’t wait to other manufacturers like Asus to show their cards in this theme.

If you aren’t entirely clear if your phone is compatible you can access WearCheck from your device’s browser to be sure to 100% prior to the purchase of your smartwatch with Android Wear.