Yota Devices Will Leave Android for Sailfish OS

YotaPhone has confirmed that the next smartphone will be based on Android. This is not belied a willingness to partner with Jolla and Sailfish OS, but simply confirmed that at the moment the focus is on Android, which further development is based on Android and that when Sailgish is still too small and represents a very small niche market.

Curious news come from mother Russia and its technological equipment manufacturer recognized internationally: Yota Devices, a company that produced the original and popular series of smartphones with dual screen Yotaphone, announced plans to abandon the Android operating system in favor of Google OS, the open-source system born from the ashes of the ill-fated Nokia Meego.

Already at the end of may had after hearing the first reports about the company’s interest against Sailfish: a prototype of smartphones equipped with Finnish open source OS was in possession of the Russian Communications Minister Nikolay Nikiforov for testing purposes;Nikiforov had also released some official statements to the press, saying that the device worked “pretty well but still wasn’t quite ready to be sold in stores.”

It might seem difficult to understand the motives of a similar choice in our country, that Android and iOS dominate the market, but they have more sense when compared to Russia, the main market of Yota. Like China, Russia has often openly declared their distrust American operating systems-in particular with regard to the massive collection of data and information that these systems operate. Always Nikiforov had stated that “YotaPhone doesn’t need Android, and [Sailfish] provides better information security and a more stable ecosystem”.

It is therefore clear that the choice of Yota is also of a political nature. As is customary in those parts, the Russian Government is closely involved in the development of its companies, technological and non-technological. The decision to adopt Sailfish was taken in mid-September, after a meeting between executives and Nikiforov. The idea is to create a fully open-source operating system best suited to the needs of a particular economic coalition of States, the so-called BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), whose members have in common a situation of strong economic development.

The next version of Sailfish will completely open-source, would a candidate for “become the mobile operating system par excellence of the BRICS ‘ (-Nikiforov).

It is unclear whether the current Yotaphone will also be upgraded to Sailfish, or if it will only be a prerogative of the new models.