XM-L LED Flashlight

Why are there not always a XM-L LED lamp in Fenix models RC10, LD22, etc …?

After the XP-G LED, Cree, with XM-L LEDs more powerful, you do not come across in many flashlights has been put on the market. If an XM-L LED provides superior light output, why all the models they are not equipped with this LED?

toughestflashlights response:

LED XM-L has a maximum light output higher than the Cree XR-E, but is also substantially greater.

Pou good focus light emitted by the LED XM-L, you need a deep and wide reflector. In compact lamps, such as the Fenix RC-10, placing an XM-L LED is illogical.

The beam would be expanded beyond what most users need, with the result that the lamp would need to 3x more power to function and achieve the same distance.

Increasingly smaller lamps which are equipped with an LED XM-L, are available on the market. The main reason for this is that many people buy a lamp only indication of the number of lumens.

Our advice is to also consider the range of the beam in your buying decision. If manufacturers use ANSI, you can easily compare flashlights.

Please note that the ANSI standard is very optimistic. You can safely divide the distance by 3 to get a realistic picture of the lamp reach.