Xiaomi and Hasbro to Create a Transformer Made My 2 Pad, The New Soundwave-Tablet

For a long time that the toy companies have been dedicated to create plastic smartphones so children will entertain and imitate their elders without fear to finish breaking truth terminal by a blow on the floor. But what you have taught Xiaomi and Hasbro It goes much further, so much so that this is not a product aimed at the smaller kids.

The toy engineers and the manufacturer of technology have come together to create their own vision of the old Transformer Soundwave, the Decepticon cassette tapes. Of course, the current becomes the day technology from a product of Xiaomi, the tablet my Pad 2 that our colleagues from Engadget recently analyzed version Android.

Soundwave is a transformable toy of two States. On the one hand it is a tablet my Pad 2 of dimensions identical to the original that follows the same lines of design. But, on the other hand, is a articulated bipedal robot armed with a shield and a long gun. Move from a form to another required 30 steps, provided everything becomes faster and more direct way.

Said Hugo Barra, Vice President of Xiaomi, who has been a hard work of research and development by the difficulty of converting that robot on a plate of only seven millimeters thick, at the same time that the patterns of design and colour of the original model are respected.

Soundwave comes out on sale in China on May 13 for a price than to change it around 18 euros, surprisingly inexpensive for what they tend to cost the figurines, and even more that have metal parts which articulated or depart a license like this. A product destined to the most loyal of the company which serves to give a bit of brand image to this company that seems it goes slowly removing his own restraints.

I leave you some more photos to see its appearance from other points of view and at other positions.