Work of Art Nails-Inspirations of Instagram

If you are a passionate about nail art should already have realized that the news that never stop coming. Now is the time of inspiration work of art!

Only here, on the site of the woman, already brought trends like nail blister, nail, nail, nail, nail marble watermelon among many others – that can be conferred on the “nails” on the menu.

The trend of the time comes from social network “Instagram”, which often is a pioneer in the dissemination of trend for fashion, whether in terms of clothing, hair or, as in this case, nails!

This time a social network profile, called Makegirlz comes bringing several videos where we can monitor the production of nail arts based on work of art. By the incredible number of tanned to the posts come getting, I can see that the idea has what it takes to be a new fever between manicures and nail lovers around the world.

Follow this selection of some of the nails posted on profile and get inspired for your next trip to a manicurist!

Videos-art nail

  • Sunset in Ecuador:

To begin our selection, this beautiful sunset! According to the name given to it, the scene is happening in Ecuador. Beautiful, isn’t it?

  • Sunset in Manta-Ecuador:

Inspired also in Ecuador, this second nail art brings brighter colors, probably from a sunset less advanced. Is falling in love.

  • San Francisco:

This time the inspiration was the city of San Francisco in California (USA).

  • Kuwait Towers:

The internationally known Kuwait towers, rich in detail and realism.

  • Autumn Fog 2:

Inspired by the real painting “Autumn Fog 2”, this nail art is a world of delicacy and sentimentality. A love.

The trend is innovative and requires much talent no one can deny. But what about you? Intends to adopt the idea of a work of art or let these beauties just to be admired in your feed? Comment and click